So April was a month FULL of great celebrations and May is looking like it’s gonna be even more busy with graduations, birthdays, events, field trips and of course food festivals.  I’m sure I’ll be exhausted but I’m gonna enjoy every moment. Today I’m sharing how me and bae a.k.a hubbis, celebrated our anniversary and his birthday last month.  As you will soon see from the pics, we love to get down on some good grub at pretty much EVERY occasion.

Celebrating Life With Bae & Food


I’m always no frills when it comes to our anniversary day.  I like to keep it simple some years, other years I like to go all out and get dressed to kill.  My only requirement every year is that delicious food absolutely has to be involved, or it’s just not an anniversary.

This year we opted to walk around the Nashville Farmers Market and grab some Jamaican cuisine from Jamaicaway Restaurant.  Since I had never been to the farmer’s market here or tried out the food, it was a win-win. 

Celebrating Nashville Life with Bae & Food

I had a freakin’ deeeeelicious Peach Herbal Iced Tea (which come with free refills…Sahweet!! 🙂  ) and an Oxtail dinner which came with 2 sides and a fried dumpling.   I opted for the fried plantains and rice and peas with extra gravy.  Everything looked really good and it’s cafeteria style dining so of course my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. Don’t put me around food served in lines, I get to acting like it’s Christmas lol.  They really did have a lot of good sides to choose from.  

I just wish their dinners included rice and peas under your meat like I’m used to getting at carribbean/west indian restaurants. That way I could pick another side. *ends brief foodie/greedy girl rant

Here’s my plate.

Celebrating Nashville Life with Bae & Food

Hubby ordered the Brown Stew Chicken dinner with rice and peas and cabbage.  He didn’t eat his dumpling talmbout…”It’s ain’t nothing but fried bread” LOL.   I very quickly scooped up his dumpling…cause yeah…she loves anything fried, especially bread.  Proud Carbie.

Celebrating Nashville Life with Bae & Food

The meal was excellent. Everything you see pictured was very tasty and they gave us generous portions, including the ox tails.  My server even asked me if I wanted small or large tails….nice! The atmosphere at Jamaicaway is casual with nice reggae music and great customer service.  I’ll definitely be back to try something new and grab some more of that magical peach tea. 

Anniversary Pic With Bae


Hubbis’s birthday is always a special day to me.  Not only does he turn one year older than me, but I get to tease him relentlessly about it for the next 4 months until my day comes.  This year he was feening for a juicy burger.  But not just any burger.  This dude wanted an extra big, perfectly seasoned, gourmet burger with all the fancy toppings.   So the search was on to find the perfect place.   He called friends and asked around until he got a short list of places they’d recommend. In the meantime, I hopped online to search blogs for the top burger places in Nashville.  One food blogger raved about The Pharmacy, which is supposed to be considered one of the top 10 in the area,  but I had already tried The Pharmacy a few weeks back at a networking event. It was really good, but I wouldn’t say it was the best burger I’ve ever had.  

So bae finally settled on Burger Republic in Lenox Village (Nashville).  One of our friends, Danny, swore up and down that this place had burgers to die for, plus his niece worked there, so we were sold.  Danny’s pretty reliable when it comes to good food plus he can cook his butt off. 

Celebrating Nashville Life with Bae & Food

As always it takes me an hour to figure out what I want…ok I’m exaggerating a bit but it does take me a while every time.

2 notables about Burger Republic are they only serve 100% Certified Angus Beef and they’ve been voted the Toast Of Music City for 3 years in a row.

So after much deliberation, hubbis settled on some fries and The Tennessee Burger which is American cheese, Jack Daniel’s honey glaze, smoked ketchup, maple basted Benton’s bacon and crispy onions dusted with Memphis spice.

Celebrating Nashville Life with Bae & Food

I had fries, a delicious strawberry lemonade and the Buy The Farm Burger, which has smoked gouda, a farm fresh egg (which I had done fried over easy), red pepper relish, applewood bacon, tomato, lettuce and red onion.  Plus they lightly toast the bun.  You know you got me when I get a toasted bun.

All in all, the service was great.  Our conversation was fun and interesting as always plus we had our little lunch companion, alongside us in her stroller, to keep us entertained.  I think this is going to be our new go to for casual date nights.  This burger was sooooo good and I don’t normally even order burgers when we go out together.  That red pepper relish and egg just put this one over the top for me.  I can honestly say this was the best burger I’ve ever tasted.

Celebrating Nashville Life with Bae & Food

More Pics From Bae’s Birthday Lunch and Our Anniversary

At The Farmer’s Market

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Ok 2 words to sum up our meals…food coma.  5 words to sum up our time together…I love me some him. 


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