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Hey Beauty Stars! Today’s review is for all of you beauty mavens and travelling cuties always on the lookout for the best and hottest hair salons, stylists and makeup artists around. If you’ve ever had a problem locating the best beauty services in your city or vacay spot, this could be the solution to your problem. Let me introduce you to the BestDooz Mobile App and we’ll see if it can take that issue and crush it! *I have received compensation to review the BestDooz mobile app and share my thoughts on its’ performance. All opinions, photos and sass are 100% mine.

Best Dooz Mobile App - Tech Review | Naturally Stellar
BestDooz Mobile App for Android and iOS.


BestDooz Mobile App Review

Product Details – The BestDooz mobile app is a U.S. based national digital directory of professional hair stylists, barbers and makeup artists. The purpose of the directory is to make the search for black/multicultural beauty professionals much easier for their potential clients. Well, I’ve had a chance to try it for more than a month now. I’ve downloaded it, played with it and done searches on it from all types of zip codes to see what types or caliber of stylists are in the directory.

Price Free

My Thoughts – Overall I think this is a pretty good app. It was really quick and easy to install. Navigating the app was made easy by the categories listed on the homepage, so it’s very user-friendly right out of the gate. Everything is very neatly organized, so you can quickly find options to search by state, find a salon, check out what’s new in hair, download the BestDooz media kit, access the members area, check out beauty deals and so much more. I don’t think I’ve come across another multicultural beauty app that functions quite like this one.

BestDooz Mobile App - Tech Review | Naturally Stellar

App Design

I’m really into web and mobile design. This app is very nicely designed. Everything is categorized well and easy to find. It’s really helpful for searching out new stylists and being able to see their portfolios, so you can get a taste of the type of styles they excel at. There’s even an option to share the app by clicking on the info icon at the top of the home screen.

Oh and if you’re a guy looking for a new barber, this app will be super handy for you. When we first moved to Nashville, finding a new barber was a major issue for my hubby.    

Styllists Should Get On Board

The only issue I came across when using the BestDooz app was that I could only find a limited amount of professionals in the metro Nashville,TN area during my local search. There are a LOT of salons and barber shops here so I knew something wasn’t right. But because this is a directory, I have to take into consideration that stylists, barbers and makeup artist’s are constantly signing up to be included and marketing & promoting the app is key to spreading awareness about it. That’s one of the reasons why I was interested in reviewing this on the blog.


For ease of use and functionality, this is a really nice app. Overall, the directory does seem to have a few resource limitations. Specifically when it comes to the amount and variety of salons or stylists that I would need in Nashville or places where I would travel to the most, like Alabama, Texas and Upstate NY. I would love to see Syracuse and Rochester, NY listed as well as Huntsville, AL.

Over time, as the popularity of the app builds momentum, this will be a great tool for the black community and black beauty professionals nationwide. So for all of these factors, I’m giving the Best Dooz Mobile App a B!

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