Yup, tonight was the season premiere of Empire and wouldn’t you know it, I missed the first 10 or 15 minutes of it because my family can’t let me be great.  It never fails.  I get all ready to watch my favorite show and it’s like everything else has to happen right when it’s coming on.

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This time it was my kids.  My baby was having a tantrum and my son was NOT wanting to get in the bed.  This boy was doing anything and everything to try to procrastinate. So by the time I settled them down and finally grabbed my plate of food, (because yes, you can’t watch Empire without something good to eat), the show was already deep into the drama about Rhonda and the loss of her baby, after her big fall.  Luckily whatever I missed I can watch on demand.

So if you missed what’s going on with my girl Cookie and the Lyon’s, it’s available on XFINITY On Demand.  In fact, you can watch all of Season 1 and 2 up until the mid-season break.  I’m gonna have to catch tonight’s episode online tomorrow or the day just won’t feel right.

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I love being able to watch TV on my own terms.  To have the flexibility to catch something that I missed, watch it live or download it to my tablet or phone to watch when I’m traveling, is awesome.

I’m glad that I have XFINITY because they have 9 times more free shows and movies than Google Fiber is offering us here in Nashville. Their On Demand library has over 150,000 free choices compared to Google Fiber’s 17,000. Plus, I have the option to download what I want and can watch anything from the On Demand library on my mobile devices, with the XFINITY TV app.

Xfinity Voice Remote Let’s You Speak It And Watch It

Dude. XFINITY has a voice remote, ‘Nuff Said.

Here’s a side by side comparison of XFINITY vs. Google Fiber –> http://www.xfinityfacts.com and click here to learn more about the >>> XFINITY Voice Remote

2 more shows that I’m trying to catch up on are Nashville and The Carmichael Show.  One of the cool things I like the most about The Carmichael Show is the intelligent humor.  Plus Jerrod Carmichael actually interacts with his fans on Facebook.  He’s responded or liked my comments/posts a few times now and just seems like a really approachable and down to earth kind of guy.  So be sure to check out the show. 

Well, I have some work to do for the new site launch so until next time, have fun catching up on your shows!

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What shows are you trying to catch up on?

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