So recently I went on a HUGE shopping haul, updating my wardrobe, sprucing up my place, getting my blog life together and really taking steps to organize my makeup so my side of the bathroom vanity looks like I actually give a damn now.  Hubby is happy. But I am too because I’m crushing my business and personal goals. Getting organized around my home is a big priority this year.  So here’s what I bought to help me organize my makeup and beauty items. *This post contains links to my affiliates where I bought my stuff. 


How To Organize Your Makeup | Naturally Stellar

So initially I bought this Caboodles Two Tower Acrylic Tray Organizer from Walmart, in the hopes that this and my additional Caboodles Tiers Of Joy Organizer that I got to hold my eye pencils and mascaras, would make my life complete.   But my hopes were a little premature.  See I didn’t realize the amount of makeup I actually had before I bought these.  What I should have done in hindsight is, laid everything out in categories: Eyes, Brows, Face, Lips and Beauty Tools.  Then figured out which I needed on hand each day vs. the stuff I only use some of the time or rarely.

I decided to keep the Cylinder one on my counter top, but I ended up moving the flat tray to my bathroom closet to keep my items organized that I rarely or seasonally use.  That freed up a lot of space, but I still had a LOT more makeup to get in order.How To Organize Makeup | Naturally Stellar

So if you’re like me and are in need of an update to your makeup organization this is what I’d recommend.

Step 1

Start out by laying out all of your make up and place the items into categories that make the most sense for you.

Step 2

Determine what needs to be on hand more regularly vs. stuff you rarely use.  Separate the rarely used items and put them aside for more “out of sight” storage.

Step 3

Determine what “out of sight” storage solution would work best for you.  For instance you could use trays, boxes with lids, beauty cases, train cases, zippered pouches or those hanging jewelry organizers to store your makeup on the back of a door or in a closet.

Step 4

Next, based on the amount and sizes of items you have left, determine what your “display” organization solution is gonna be.   I prefer acrylic because it’s see through, but there’s a wide variety of counter top solutions out there to choose from.  If you don’t like your products being out in the open, there are furniture-like table top cabinets, shelving units or wooden display trays.   You could also opt for acrylic drawers and line them with fabric or paper that isn’t see through.  It’s all up to you.

Step 5

Now it’s time to shop!  Some of my favorite places to look for beauty organization are Target, Walmart, Amazon and we have a store here in Nashville called Tuesday Morning that I recently discovered.  They have beautiful and unique wooden drawer inserts/trays, decorative boxes, metal organizers, glass organizers and various acrylic organizers. Oh and their prices are unbelievable. Tuesday Morning is gonna be my new jam for 2016!

How I Organize My Makeup

Make sure you buy something that will hold all of your stuff and double up if you need to.  Here’s what I did.  I bought 2 different organizers, both had drawers but the tops are interchangeable so I have options to display tall and odd shaped products like my brushes, my makeup sponges, favorite lipsticks, face lotion bottles etc.

How To Organize Makeup | Naturally Stellar

The organizers I bought are the Home-It Clear Acrylic Organizer for $15.87 + free shipping and the Ikee Designs Two Piece Organizer for $17.98 + shipping *these are the current prices as of 3/9/16 and as you may already know about Amazon, prices are subject to change

How To Organize Makeup | Naturally Stellar

I then took my cylinder organizer and filled it with my eye pencils, mascaras and taller lip pencils.  I also added my cotton balls and cotton pads to one of the openings.  Not shown are the clear acrylic tops that came with this that cover each cylinder opening. This Caboodles Tiers Of Joy organizer can only be found in Walmart stores or you can get it here on Amazon.How To Organize Makeup | Naturally Stellar

Step 6

Move your makeup into its new home! 

How To Organize Makeup | Naturally Stellar


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How To Organize Makeup | Naturally Stellar

Hope you enjoyed these Stellar Beauty Tips to help you get your makeup and beauty storage life in order.  I also hope that by showing you how I organize my makeup it will inspire you to come up with the perfect solution for your makeup stash.  If you know someone who could use some tips for a stress free makeup collection, be sure to share this with your makeup buddy and come back for more ways to make your life easier.

Until next time Stars, 




What Are Your Beauty Organization Struggles?

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