It’s time I got myself a 30 something BFF, because I just want to eat and shop and do grown up stuff.  While for many years I’ve been able to say that my hubby is my best friend, he’s no substitute for a bomb girlfriend.   Oh he has his perks and I love him to death, but there’s just something about that female-to-female relationship that can’t be duplicated by the opposite sex.

I Need A 30 Something BFF | Naturally Stellar

Then there’s the age factor. While hubby and I may be around the same age, he hasn’t spent 30 some odd years walking this earth transitioning from a girl to a grown woman. I need a bestie that knows my struggles.

Someone that is settled in her womanhood and could care less about impressing or what people may think about her or her lifestyle. 

I just want a buddy that can get up early on a Saturday morning with me and go grab the cheap $5 breakfast…or we could do it big and do a nice classy brunch. Oh or maybe even head out to the local donut spot and scarf down a bunch of calories without a care about our weight or how many crumbs we dropped in our bras.

A buddy that will go window shopping with me even if we both are dead broke.  We can try on clothes and pretend that we’re ballers for the day.  I just want that friend that isn’t afraid of thrift stores and gets giddy at the news of a new consignment shop.  Her outfits are half thrifted, half retail and no one can tell but us.

I need that Targetista, that will peruse the clearance racks at Target with me and won’t be afraid to tell me to “put that back!” when I pick up something I really don’t need or to splurge a bit when I’ve been doing more for everyone else and neglecting myself.

Treat Yo Self Gif

When I’m knocked down or thrown a sucker punch by life, she won’t duck, dodge or avoid tough conversations, she’ll simply ask “What can I do?” or tell me “I got you”.

She’s got to be a foodie and knows how to throw down on a meal. Someone that goes ham over extra cheese, loves seafood, real butter and is always willing to tag team on a new Buzzfeed or Pinterest recipe.  We both will have the food truck app on our phones and will click “going” on every local food festival event or event that includes food on Facebook

I need an opinionated music lover. Someone I could debate with over who’s hot and who’s not.  Who’s album is a classic or who’s was garbage.   She loves old school hip hop. She knows all the moves in Oaktown 357’s Yeah, Yeah, Yeah video and can recite the lyrics to Big Daddy Kane’s – Ain’t No Half Steppin’ like she wrote it.

Yeah we may have kids and yeah we can’t always go out at the drop of a hat, but at least we’ll try to and will fully understand when the other say’s “I can’t go”.  She’ll plan get together’s at her house and I’ll plan some at mine.  We’ll watch each others kids and be right there in a hurry when one of us locks our keys in the car or it breaks down at the grocery store.

I need that BFF that whenever I say, “Remember this or remember so and so?”, she knows exactly what I’m talking about or who I’m referring to.

Facebook & Twitter isn’t her news source and we can talk about responsible grown people stuff like health insurance, life insurance and retirement plans.

She’ll look at people who don’t like me like they’re stupid and openly hate Sallie Mae and Satan just as much as I do.

She’s gone through some things so she understands about pain and hardship. She knows exactly what it feels like to lose something or someone.

She’s gotta be able to refer to actors and actresses by name and not just by the movies or shows they played in. “You know, the chick that played in that movie about the birds?”  Yeah, she won’t do that, she’ll know who “the chick” is by name.

So where are you at 30 Something BFF?  I’m waiting. 


She’s not into the club life.  We both did that in our 20’s and it’s old now. We’re in the house at a decent hour…may not be asleep but we got big thangs to do during the day and kids to raise, so we do grown up stuff like wine tastings, fashion shows and art crawls now.

She’ll love my kids and I’ll love hers. She’ll threaten them when they do something they’re not supposed to. She’ll probably never follow through on the threats but in my kids minds…She don’t play.

She respects marriage and will protect mine like it was her own.

If I ever have a booger in my nose or my breath isn’t as fresh as it should be out in public…she’ll discreetly hand me a tissue or some gum. She’ll never let me leave the lady’s room with my skirt accidentally tucked into my pantyhose and if my hair or outfit isn’t on point, she’ll give me the side eye and her two cents because she doesn’t want me looking all crazy.

Cookie Lyons Telling Courtney Love To Take It Off


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So where are you at BFF?  Where ya at?  I got some fried dough mix on deck and a Strawberry/Lime Moscato recipe we can get down on. 



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8 Responses

  1. Johanna's Mama

    Let me know if you find her because you’ll give me hope. I truly miss having a bff.

  2. April

    I ask this everyday. I live with nothing but males. Husband, 4 boys (1 only comes every other week) and even our dog is a boy! These males creatures are a mess. I need a girlfriend so bad.

    • Candice S.

      For real April. My house is split 2 males, 2 girls but I wouldn’t want to put that kind of stress on my 10 month old baby, she’s just starting out LOL!! But seriously, the struggle is real.

  3. C Lady K

    I pray that for you too!!! … This post really makes me miss my bestie and wish we lived closer. You’re naming almost all the things we miss not being able to do. So, every blue moon we’ll pretend and text one another to meet at Target on a Saturday morning or Starbucks or Chili’s for dessert after work … I pray she comes. It’s a blessing to have a friend like that. In the meantime, we’ll all fill in for her. Hugs 🙂

  4. Alisha

    I’m here for you but I’m in my 40s and I can’t really throw down with cooking that much haha!!!


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