Today’s post is sponsored by XFINITY , all opinions and sassy attitude expressed in this post are 100% my own. Hey Stars, what are you binge watching lately?  Of course there are way too many good shows than there is time to watch, so I know many of you have your playlists and DVR’s loaded.  I’m curious to know what everybody’s watching now.

What Are You Binge Watching Lately | Naturally Stellar


Luckily I’ve been able to catch up on some things since my baby and I have been housebound battling the sickies. I had a cold I caught during Super Bowl Weekend and she’s just getting over a cold plus happens to be teething,  so I’ve been up with a lot of sleepless nights.  Gotta have something to pass the time, so why not do some binge watching right?

I know a lot of my FB peeps are really into watching the Walking Dead right now, but zombies aren’t really my thing. I need something that’s gonna help me to get a peaceful night’s sleep, not keep me up jumping from the slightest sound in the house. Plus I don’t wanna see anyone taking chunks out of their neighbor. Then there’s HTGAWM, which I stopped watching after the 1st season, so I don’t know what’s going on with that anymore.

I’ve been more of a Downton Abbey, period drama, history junkie lately. Plus, I’m waiting for Nashville to come back on ABC. That’s my show!   I don’t know if it’s because I can spot all of the Nashville landmarks on the episodes or the juicy drama, but I’ve been hooked on that one since the beginning.         . 

In case you haven’t heard, the X1 DVR with Cloud Technology from Xfinity gives you the ability to catch up on your favorite shows no matter where you are.  So whether you’re in a metro where you take the train home from work or sitting under the dryer at the salon, you can catch up on the shows everyone’s talking about.  Right now I’m home bound because of this fickle Nashville weather, but pretty soon, actually this weekend, I’ll be able to get out to the parks.   It will be nice to catch up on a little Mercy Street, while soaking in the sunshine.  

What are you binge watching lately | Naturally Stellar

Emma Green in the PBS series “Mercy Street.” (Antony Platt / PBS)

Something I didn’t realize about the X1 DVR, until recently, is that the top 100 shows are already pre-loaded and ready for you to watch. I mean I knew that had a lot of shows but not that many. So that means those won’t be hogging your 500GB’s of storage. Yup, they give you a lot of storage for movies and shows. 

As far as I can see, Google fiber won’t offer the ability to record and watch shows wherever you want.  

Binge Watching Like A Pro


Here’s a side by side comparison of XFINITY vs. Google Fiber –> and click here to learn more about the >>> X1 DVR with Cloud Technology

For those of you into the final season of Downton Abbey, What’d you think about this weeks episode and the fatal crash?  Do you think Mary is wrong for breaking up with her boo while he’s grieving?  I personally can’t wait for Edith to verbally crush her like one of Mrs. Pattmore’s tea cakes. Oh please don’t let the season end without somebody’s wig getting snatched…haa haa!  

Anyway, until next time, stay warm and happy binge watching Stars.


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So What Shows Are You Binge Watching?

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