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Hey Rock Star Moms!  Today’s review is perfect for all of your adorable baby fashionista’s.  I know you want to have the cutest outfit you can find when you’re preparing for baby’s first photos.  Sometimes it’s the perfect little accessories that can make a picture memorable, like a pair of lace ruffle bloomers. 
*The items reviewed in this post were sent to me free for review.  All opinions, photos and sass are 100% mine

DealZip Baby Ruffle Bloomer Set Review | Naturally Stellar

The Review

Product Details

DealZip® baby lace ruffle bloomer set with matching headband. Comes in sizes S, M and L.  


$7.70 + Shipping

DealZip Baby Ruffle Bloomer Set Review | Naturally Stellar

DealZip Baby Ruffle Bloomer Set Review | Naturally Stellar


My Thoughts

Not only is this ruffle bloomer set super cute, but it’s also very nicely made.   The bloomer bottoms are sewn well with no lose or hanging threads.  All of the lace on the back is individually sewn in rows and finished off, so I won’t have to worry about tearing or snagging.  I would recommend that you either hand wash these or use the delicate cycle in your wash should they get dirty.

The elastic banding around the waist and leg openings is sewn well and fits her just right, even though she has chunky thighs.  The bands don’t pinch at all. DealZip Baby Ruffle Bloomer Set Review | Naturally Stellar

DealZip Baby Ruffle Bloomer Set Review | Naturally StellarThe headband fits her head nicely.  It’s super stretchy so she’s be able to wear this for a very long time.  In fact it stretches enough to fit my head lol.  The great thing about the headband is it stays in place without being tight.  A lot of other headbands I’ve tried are either too big or non-adjustable for her head size.   This one doesn’t need to be adjusted. Even a newborn can wear this.DealZip Baby Ruffle Bloomer Set Review | Naturally Stellar

My daughter is 6 months old and wears many 9-12M items already, so I ordered her bloomer set in a size M.  The medium really fits her perfectly and she still has room to grow in them.  So I would say the Size S is for newborn through 6 month. The medium is definitely 6m – toddler.  From what I can tell in the Amazon reviews, most parents are saying the Size L would fit a child ages 3 – 5 yrs. old. 


I really like this set.  I think it’s a great deal, priced just right and would make it easy for parents to stock up on lots of colors for their kids.   The only thing that bothers me about these is that they are shipped from overseas, so the wait is longer than normal.  But if you can stand the wait, I think these are worth it.  So for great quality and a great deal I’m giving these baby ruffle bloomer sets from Dealzip® an A!


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DealZip Baby Ruffle Bloomer Set Review | Naturally Stellar
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