It was announced today that ORS has launched 5 new products for natural style mavens, specifically for women who love to switch up their hair styles on a regular basis.  ORS’ new line of hair products for natural style , consists of an edge gel, 2 styling gels, a gel creme styler and a shine mist/heat defense spray. All of the products will cater to kinky, curly and wavy hair textures.

products for natural style | ORS Natural Hair | Naturally Stellar

I am really excited to hear about these new products especially since ORS Olive Oil Replenishing conditioner has been one of my staple products for years.  It’s one of my favorite deep conditioners and has done my natural tresses justice since I started using it.  I haven’t really been able to use a lot of the other products by ORS because of their performance with my particular hair type and styling needs (with the exception of the ORS Olive Oil Shampoo, Oil Sheen and Lock & Twist gels).  So this is great news!  I can’t wait to get my hands on these to try.

Let me give you a little more detail about what options you can expect to see in their line of products for natural style.

ORS New Products For Natural Style

Smooth & Easy™ Edges Edge Gel – Olive Oil w/ Brazilian Pequi Oil (2.25 oz) – Retailing around $ 5.49

  • Reversion Resistant, No Build-up, Brazilian Pequi Oil helps smooth natural edges better than unsaturated oils like Argan Oil.Products For Natural Style ORS Smooth & Easy™ Edges Edge Gel - Olive Oil w/ Brazilian Pequi Oil | Naturally Stellar

Strand Strengthening Styling Gelee’ – Olive Oil w/ Moringa Oil (8 oz.) – SRP – $5.99

  • Ultra firm hold with extra conditioning.  Moringa Oil helps hair stay strong during rigorous styling.  No crunch. No flaking.  No sodium hydroxide.  No alcohol.Products For Natural Style Strand Strengthening Styling Gelee' - Olive Oil w/ Moringa Oil | Naturally Stellar

Smooth Control Styling Gelee’ – Olive Oil w/ Brazilian Pequi Oil ((8 oz.) SRP – $5.99

  • Firm hold with extra conditioning.  Brazilian Pequi Oil helps smooth natural hair and penetrates to control any reversion and frizz better than other styling gels.  No crunch.  No flaking. No sodium hydroxide.  No alcohol.Products For Natural Style Smooth Control Styling Gelee' - Olive Oil w/ Brazilian Pequi Oil

2-n-1 Shine Mist & Heat Defense Spray – Olive Oil w/ Grapeseed Oil (4.6 fl. oz) – SRP – $6.99

  • Lightweight spray helps flatten when you want to wear it straight.  Manages against puffiness and frizz.  Doesn’t weigh on hair.  Grapeseed Oil helps protect hair against heat during thermal styling.  Leaves a radiant shine.Products For Natural Style ORS 2-n-1 Shine Mist & Heat Defense Spray - Olive Oil w/ Grapeseed Oil

12 n 1 Style Defining Crème Gel – Olive Oil with Avocado Oil (8 oz.) SRP – $6.99

  • This rich, multi-faceted, pre-cocktailed crème delivers high-definition for all the ways to free-style hair.   Avocado Oil conditions and moisturizes.  The citrus fragrance is invigorating and helps hair stay fresh between shampoos.  Its long-lasting hold minimizes the need to re-style.  No crunch. No alcohol.

Products For Natural Style new ORS 12-n-1 Style Defining Creme Gel | Naturally Stellar

So next time you’re looking for a quick style fix, keep these newbies from ORS in mind, I know I will.  You can pick up these new products for natural hair in beauty and supply stores.  ORS™ (formerly Organic Root Stimulator™) is a leader in the ethnic hair care market.

Until next time Stars!


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