When I’m not roaming the aisles at my local Target I’m often cyber stalking Amazon and comparing prices on stuff I want to buy or reading reviews to see which items are worth attempting.   I can’t say that everything I get on the site is a win, but most times, I find some pretty great stuff at super low prices.  Here’s a look at what I bought this month, what I recommend, what I hate and a few tips on finding a great deal when shopping on Amazon. The prices indicated are the price I paid for the item OR the current list price. *this post contains affiliate links. They won’t cost you a thing, they just allow me to make a small fee from the awesome deals I bring you

Amazon Beauty and Home January 2016 | Naturally Stellar



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Beauty Buys

What I bought off Amazon Jan 2016 | Naturally Stellar

One of my favorite facial scrubs.  The Freeman Black Sugar & Charcoal Mud Mask is even better!  If you have oily or acne prone skin, you’ll want to give these a try. 

What I bought off Amazon Jan 2016 | Naturally Stellar

I was really excited to finally be able to find my color of Maybelline Fit Me foundation that wasn’t already opened or tampered with, like they were in my local Target & Walmart…but le sigh…that was wishful thinking because look how this came from Amazon.What I bought off Amazon Jan 2016 | Naturally Stellar

Yeah, I prefer my makeup to be safety sealed at all times.  I absolutely hate visiting the beauty aisle for my favorite makeup only to find that they’ve been used as a tester or played in.  That’s just nasty.   I just don’t understand why some people have to open every bottle or smudge and stick their hands in it.  But anyway, whether I find it on the shelf that way or online…I’m not using it.  So this baby has already been returned and Amazon has quickly sent me a replacement to arrive tomorrow.  Let’s hope it’s sealed. 

Now this is how your makeup is supposed to be sealed.    

What I bought off Amazon Jan 2016 | Naturally Stellar

This Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber mist is a discontinued fragrance from Bath & Body works.  I won a gift set a couple of years ago at an event, of this exact same fragrance and when I ran out I tried to find the products again, but they had already been discontinued.  Thank goodness for Amazon! I can find many of my old perfumes and body mists that I can’t find in stores anymore.

What I bought off Amazon Jan 2016 | Naturally Stellar

I’ve been wanting to try one of these straightening brushes since the Fall when I wrote about the popular Dafni brush.  After I wrote that post I started to come across a lot of dupes on Amazon.  So when I saw this one from Sonder Beauty in that cool purple color with some positive reviews, I decided to give it a try.   Well, sometimes pretty colors and a few thumbs up aren’t everything.  I sent this item back with the quickness because…

  1. The temperature only reads in Celsius
  2. Mine came with a few minor scratches on top
  3. The rubber tips easily snag my hair
  4. No US standard safety plug

I prefer safety plugs on my hair appliances especially since I use them in the bathroom on my sink top.  I’ll probably order this Apalus brush, since it has a lot of great reviews from people with similar hair types as mine and lots of pics with actual results.

What I bought off Amazon Jan 2016 | Naturally Stellar


  • YANX® Gamepad Wireless Bluetooth PS3 Game Controller I paid, $14.99 + free shipping
  • Xtremepowerus Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washing Machine  (Received free for review) $125.95 + free shipping (on its way! review coming soon)

Leave it to my son to chew up his PS3 connector & mangle the port into his controller, rendering it useless.  Yes I said chewed.  Don’t ask. Needless to say his Playstation privileges are revoked, but there’s no sense in wasting a perfectly good game system.  Mama can stream all of her movies from Hulu and Netflix with that thing.   So now I have a nice remote control from Target and this new controller in case I feel like playing Ninja Turtles. 

What I bought off Amazon Jan 2016 | Naturally Stellar

I’m uber excited about this one and I can’t wait to try it out this week. It’s set to arrive today and I have a nice pile of baby clothes waiting to smell nice again.  Wanna know if it’s worth buying? Stay posted for the full review of this mini compact washing machine. 

What I bought off Amazon Jan 2016 | Naturally Stellar


  • Dealzip Inc® Girl Baby Lace Ruffle Bloomer With a Flower Headband – Pink Size S (Received free for review) $7.70 + free shipping (review coming soon)

I can’t wait to see my daughter in this.  I’m gonna be reviewing this set in the very near future so stay tuned for that.  

What I bought off Amazon Jan 2016 | Naturally Stellar

My Amazon Buying Tips

  • Search for specific names of products and sort by Price Low to High to compare best pricing from Amazon Sellers.
  • Pay close attention to seller ratings
  • Shipping costs can vary for each item you add to your cart and can increase costs, so try to opt for as many free shipping deals on your favorite items as possible.
  • Orders over $35 can qualify for free shipping if the items you picked are shipped directly from Amazon
  • If you regularly buy stuff from Amazon or love streaming movies/shows, get an Amazon Prime membership. It’s gonna give you free 2 day shipping & open you up to specials on stuff for the home (Amazon Pantry), free movies, free music, books and more.
  • If you’re not satisfied with an item, returning is easy.  Be sure to select a reason that allows you free return shipping and select UPS pickup (if you can). They’ll come to your house and pick up the return for you.  You don’t even have to put a shipping label on the box.

I’ll be back next month with a recap of my Amazon buys for February.  Until then, happy shopping!



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What’s The Latest Thing You’ve Scored On Amazon?

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22 Responses

  1. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer

    Wow what a thorough review post. That Moroccan mist sounds excellent, I think I will have to give that a try. Hopefully now that you have wireless remotes your son can’t chew through the wires 😀

  2. Vashti@veepeejay.com

    Why did I chuckle at “when I’m not roaming the aisle of Target..I’m on Amazon”? LOL. That’s kinda my life, but I only buy the essentials lol. You scored some great stuff and that brush looks interesting. My newest love is Amazon Prime NOW because my stuff gets here within the hour.

  3. Jo

    I bought the straightening brush from groupon. Works really well. I’m going to do a video on it soon.

  4. Keisha

    Hmmm, I have been eyeing that straightening brush (tender headed) for a minute. I have yet to hear good things about it, though. Ooh and the charcoal mask (haven’t found one in Korea yet) gotta have it. My sister swears by it. I’ve also had the hardest time ordering off of Amazon abroad! Ugh! Anyway, I’m on the hunt for a charcoal mask this weekend. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

  5. Frugal Flirty N Fab

    Great Buys and Great Tips! Thanks for sharing! The pink baby set is adorbs!!

  6. Valerie Robinson

    I love Amazin so much! Uh oh…now I’ll be searching for the discontinued items. My husband is sick of my packages. I actually like the freeman charcoal mask.

    • Candice S.

      Lol. I know the feeling. My hubby comes home and just pauses whenever he sees a box, like, “So this is our life now?” LOL!! Yeah that mask is great.

  7. kayvonab

    I absolutely LOVE amazon!! I normally buy beauty items too but I also like to buy my cameras and electronic accessories too. I just bought a ring light for only $100 and it has took my pic and video quality to a whole other level so I’m very happy with that purchase! lol

    • Candice S.

      Yes!! I saw a ring light for that price too http://amzn.to/1KtxSuf and it’s already in my cart lol. I’m planning on buying a new camera within the next few weeks, but right now I’m trying to see who has the best deal. Right now Amazon & Walmart have the same deal running on the one I want, but I think I found an even better deal at a Canadian electronics store today. Fingers crossed that it will be still going on next week when I’m ready to buy.

  8. Antoinette

    Great purchases. It’s unfortunate that the brush didn’t work out. I’ve been considering getting one (not that brand ) for my daughter.

  9. staciesayzso

    Nice haul! You just reminded me that I think I have that BBW perfume. I need to bust it out!

  10. heyitskaysways

    I love shopping on Amazon too. If you have dry skin like me you’ll love the FitME foundation but if you’re oily the matte one may work better for you. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the washer! Nice buys

  11. Jaye

    I might have to grab that mask and I too would never used makeup that is unsealed..ewww.
    That little washer looks so interesting…looking forward to the review. And yes, good old Amazon always comes through when I am looking for something hard to find.


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