Yup you heard it right!  LisaRaye McCoy has co-directed her first film “Skinned” and it’s debuting this weekend.  It stars Jasmine Burke (Ride Along) as the main character Jolie, Drew Sidora (White Chicks, That’s So Raven), Brad James (For Better or Worse) as the husband and LisaRaye as Jolie’s Mom.

A LisaRaye McCoy Film

The premise of the film will be focused on colorism within the worldwide black community.  It’s based on the age-old, light skin vs. dark skin controversy and will show how the main character, Jolie, played by Jasmine Burke, deals with her personal issues of beauty by ultimately bleaching her skin.  It takes us on a fast forward into her life, where she’s now dealing with serious health issues and facing an impending death because of her choices.

Listen, when it comes to TV shows and Movies I’m normally very opinionated and can sometimes be a bit harsh if I feel the trailer doesn’t capture my attention or I notice things like bad acting, horrible plots or remakes being done way too soon. Those are the kinds of things that very quickly turn me off from even watching the opening credits.

But hey it’s 2016.  It’s a new year. I’m trying to have a new outlook on things and open up to new ideas, so I think I’m gonna give this one a try.

As a black female and proud black woman amongst a sea of strong dark-skinned women in my life, I’m not quite sure exactly how I feel about the whole premise of an “epidemic” going on with skin bleaching.  Not to downplay the real issue that still plagues us today, but I really wish we could have some type of professional survey done just to see how a broad range of women of color actually feel about their skin and bleaching.  I say this because I think people tend to sling words around a little too easily nowadays, when speaking for a larger community of people. I’m also not too sold on the projected impact this film will have on women of color, but I will honestly give it a chance and watch it as objectively as I can.

Skinned premiers this Saturday, January 9th at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST on TVOne.

Check out the Trailer!


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Hey Ladies, Do You Think Skin Bleaching Is Still A Major Problem In The Black Community? 

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23 Responses

  1. Kiwi

    Interesting concept. I know Lisa Raye has been working on this for a while…I dont know how I feel about the trailer saying the requirements are “Light SKin with a Big Booty”…was Lisa Raye putting comments of herself in the film? I dunno I just dont know where Ms.Raye got her inspiration from to make this kind of movie…it seems so exaggerated but I will watch and support and try to see the message. Trust me light skinned people have issues too but if we made a movie…oh no it would get laughed at and no one would take it seriously. Maybe thats why Lisa made this movie…because she didnt feel maybe her own personal struggles as a light skin woman would be as controversial for a movie. My opinion but we will see..

    • Candice S.

      My thoughts exactly about the exaggeration Kiwi. The trailer threw me off big time when I first saw it. I was like O-O ,but I’m trying to improve myself in 2016 and give some movies a chance. Yeah that light skin with a big booty comment…huh? Last time I checked most black men just like big booties, I don’t think skin tone or race even matters lol.

    • Candice S.

      I checked and their FB says it’s showing ONLY on TV One Jonna. So far people have given it a 5.9 out of 10 on IMDB so idk, maybe Netflix might pick it up after it’s run on TV.

  2. Mimi Green

    I don’t believe skin bleaching is an epidemic. I think it’s an issue is some areas but that applies to all kinds of topics.

    I probably won’t watch.

  3. LaQuisha Hall

    So glad that you shared this! I was a part of a movement called the Black Doll Affair that spoke to these issues. It is so important to teach self-love to our community.

    • Candice S.

      Laquisha, I’m gonna have to look up the Black Doll Affair, I’ve never heard of it. I do think we’re getting better at self-love but that’s why it’s so important for all of us to keep reaching kids at young ages and teaching them about a positive self esteem and loving who they are. Some media messages don’t really help either but that’s another battle.

  4. Donna Shana (@byDonnaShana)

    Ok, when I was reading I was a little leary. But after I watched the trailer, I think it might be ok. The topic is definitely a good one. And I think it’s so sad that this is still an issue. Keep praying and teaching our girls and women. Heck, and men! LOL

  5. Jovanhanna

    I saw the trailer and this is something I have to see. I missed the premiere. This an issue that needs to be discussed.

  6. Jamila

    I had a chance and was able to watch this movie. It was pretty good for Lisa Raye’s first directoral debut. This movie brings up a lot issues that go on in the black community. I personally don’t know anyone that uses bleaching cream, but I know there are many people out there using them.

    • Candice S.

      I used to have issues as a kid with people either calling me “yellow” or “light skinned” or telling me they didn’t like me because “You think you’re better than me”. I was never “that girl”, little did they know, I was very self conscious because I wasn’t dark like my mom and other cousins. The grass isn’t always greener. As an adult I’m proud of the way God made me.


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