I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later.  When I gave birth to my son 7 years ago, it was like as soon as he turned 6 months old, my hair started shedding. Oh and I don’t mean your typical few strands either, I’m talking clumps and handfuls at a time.   Thank God I was born with super thick hair or I’m sure I would have been bald in more areas than just my temples.


Fast forward to 2015 and my daughter is moving toward her 5 month mark and sure enough, it’s happening again. So far it hasn’t been as bad as my first experience but my detangling sessions in the shower are no fun. Watching all that hair accumulate in my wide tooth comb is really disheartening.

So now I’m back to implementing my hair remedies that helped me all those years ago.  Some of which were protective styling, massaging my temples, using Jamaican Black Castor Oil a few times per week, Henna treatments and low manipulation styling.


I have found the JBCO to be very effective for me but it takes a lot of patience as the shedding decreases and the new hair starts to grow in.

So while I’m getting reaquainted with my JBCO, I decided to try some light therapy to help things along.

*Full Disclosure: The following item was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest & candid opinion.  All opinions and sass are 100% mine. 


Product Claims

This laser brush/comb may reverse or stop hair loss by stimulating the hair follicle and cell production in the hair root that will eventually make up the hair shaft.  Laser Photo Therapy has been show to increase red blood cell flow and ATP.  It takes at least 30 days to see actual results. 

The Bright Therapy Laser Comb/Brush is made for people who suffer from alopecia, menopausal alopecia, male hormone source alopecia, hair follicle clogs, hair root malnutrition, chemical alopecia and other forms of alopecia.

This brush/comb has proven effects on:

  • Stimulate the regrowth of hair from the scalp
  • Improve the overall appearance and condition of your hair
  • Strengthen and thicken your existing hair
  • Controlling hair loss in men and women of all ages

SIDE NOTE:  please do not purchase this if you wear a pace maker, have metal/plastic/silicone implants in your body, have heart disease, are pregnant, have a hyper-sensitive or malignant tumor or are a child under age 12.


I use the terms brush or comb throughout my review because the manual that came with it sometimes calls it a comb and sometimes a brush.  Personally I would never comb or brush my curly texture with this. This comb ain’t ready!

Ok so, the Bright Therapy comb comes with both a Laser Light setting and Massage setting for your specific needs.


Let me remind you that I’ve only been using this product for almost 1 week, which isn’t really enough time to give this the thorough review that I would like to with before and after pics. I was under obligation to submit my review now so since it takes at least 30 days to see any actual results, I’ll have to speak specifically about what I’ve experienced so far.

I prefer to use the laser light and the massage features together at the same time.  I find the best way to use this on thicker afro textures is to part the hair wherever it’s needed and place the comb on the area in need.   On hairlines it’s best to detangle prior to use and slide the comb in to the areas in need, taking care to lift the comb out before any tangles can form. 


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I’m going to continue to use this in combination with my JBCO for the full expected results period.  Hopefully I’ll see some new growth in my trouble areas and thickening in my hairline. As I start seeing results I’ll update this post with newer pics and give you my two cents. 


Unfortunately it’s a little premature to give this product a grade since I haven’t used it for a period of at least 30 days. It would be unfair to grade it right now, but I will be following up with my full results and grade in a few weeks.

Click to learn more about the Bright Therapy Laser Comb

Have You Ever Tried Light Therapy For Postpartum Shedding?

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  1. Toya

    Nice to know this sort of info since I may be experiencing some postpartem shedding in a few months.

    • Candice S.

      Wait What?!!!! OMG I just got goosebumps all over when I read your comment. Congratulations!!! Oh I’m so happy for you Toya. Well hopefully you won’t go through any shedding. There are a lot of women that don’t go through it.


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