This Is How I’ll Be Crushing My Blog Goals In 2016

I know we all have things that we want to accomplish and as 2015 is winding down to a close, it’s time to envision our goals for the upcoming new year. Yes I’m looking forward to achieving my blog goals while crushing 2016!  It’s time for me to upgrade some things, shut down some others and create some new stuff to motivate, inspire and encourage my subscribers.

How I'm Crushing My Goals in 2016 | Naturally Stellar


I want to become your go-to for ideas to make your life function a bit easier. So whether that is an easy recipe, a simple tutorial, a hairstyle, a giveaway or a story about a new trend.  I want Naturally Stellar to be the blog that you run to and tell your friends about.

[tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#goalies #goaledout #newyear” remove_twitter_handles=”true”]I’m looking forward to achieving my goals while crushing 2016!!![/tweetthis]

So in order for me to do all of the wonderful things I just spoke about, I have to do some planning, which starts with brainstorming and writing down a list of goals that I want to knock out of the park in 20-16. So, here’s my magical list!

Blog Goals for Naturally Stellar 2016

Like my little Black & Gold Goal list? Well for a limited time, you can get your own right here for just $1.  I’ll even throw in a complimentary matching Wishlist that you can use for the holidays, special events or just to leave around the house or in your friend’s car to drop some hints.  This is just a sneak preview of the types of organizational tools I’m creating to get myself in order for 2016.  But the best part is, they’re not just for me.  I wanna see you smash those goals too!

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So be on the lookout for more goodies. Many will be free but I’ll have a few from time to time at a ridiculously low-cost for you.  In keeping with my goals for next year, all of the proceeds from the sale of items on this blog go right back into keeping Naturally Stellar going and growing.  Not only will it cover the things above but also the behind the scenes stuff I don’t really talk about like my hosting fees, domain fees, blog maintenance etc.  I wish I could say this blog ran freely off of stardust and glitter but unfortunately it doesn’t.  It pretty much functions like any other small business out there.

I do it for the love, but it ain’t free people!.

Well until next time Stars, get to writing down those goals!



What Are Some Of Your Goals For 2016?

    1. Aww I’m sorry to hear about your son. I hope that it’s nothing serious and that he gets well soon. That’s totally understandable. Gotta take care of home first. That’s the sign of a good mama.

    1. Thanks Ashlee! Yeah I thought I’d try something different and share my actual goals on my blog this time. Last year I created a vision board and accomplished most of what I put on it, but I wanted to focus specifically on this list to show people what I’m planning for my blog life. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes of what we do as bloggers so hopefully this will help inspire others to write out and visualize what they want to accomplish for the year. Oh and I checked out your blog. You and your hubby make a cute couple. Love it!

  1. Very smart post, Candice. I’ve been about making 5-year plans and dream boards since high school. June 2014, my lastest plan “expired” early because I graduated. For about 9 months I ran around like a chicken without a head. I chased last-minute opportunities and failed. Finally realized I was improvising my life! September 2015, I made the decision to write a plan – including mission statement and took inventory of all resources. It’s not even 2016, and I’m already starting to feel ahead of the game.

    Cudos for getting organized and making a concrete and sustainable plan. Stay the course; you got this!

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