I have received information from the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.  We all know that everyone’s family functions in its own unique way.  Whether you’re married, single, co-parenting, adopting or whatever, it doesn’t matter.  Family deserves to be celebrated.  That’s why Tylenol has created a program called #HowWeFamily because they believe it’s not about who you love, it’s how.

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Getting together for the holidays isn’t easy for my family.  Many of us are separated by distance.  Some of us have to work during the holidays and we have many family members that don’t celebrate holidays so sometimes we have to get creative on when and how we plan to spend our time together.

The most important thing to me is actually getting together and spending time with the people I love.  It’s really not about a holiday or who does/doesn’t celebrate.  As long as we’re together, that’s all that really matters.

In my household, how we family is we choose to celebrate major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas with just the 4 us or with our friends and then make special trips to visit each other’s parents at alternate times of the year.   So for instance, this year I plan on spending some of the Christmas/New Years school break with my parents.  

Something I don’t talk about much on the blog is my dad’s current battle with cancer.  At first I didn’t want to say anything because I felt like it’s his business and his to share if and when he wants to.  But just like a lot of other families out there, we all know that when 1 person in the family has an illness, ailment or disease we all feel the impact of it.   So what I’m grateful for this year is that my dad has made it through his 3rd round of surgeries and we’re staying faithful as a family that his lab reports will come back as cancer free. 

My son is out of school for 18 days starting at the end of this month, so a portion of that time off we’ll go pick out a cool car to rent and drive a few hours to visit my parents for about a week or so. I love to rent cars that have a nice hatch back or large trunk space so I have plenty of room to load up and bring stuff back from my mom’s house.   Mom, if you’re reading this…I’ll have plenty of room to bring back that Padma slow cooker *wink, wink*.  During our time there we’ll do whatever we can to help out my dad, relieve my mom a bit, make them laugh and get on their nerves, because hey, that’s what family does right?   

Another way that we keep in touch with our extended family is by phone or Skype.  The kids get to stay in touch with their grandparents by Skype and it helps to keep us connected when we’re unable to physically be together.

I really like the videos from Tylenol showing the stories of 11 real families, including one of Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade’s blended family. But in the meantime while you’re here, check out this video showing how some families enjoy each other during the holidays. 

Happy Holidays from Tylenol

(If you’re unable to view the video below, just click this link: http://goic.io/Ruxn0D )

When I first saw this video, it made me think about what’s really important to me.  Now that we’re approaching the end of 2015, I can’t help but think about all of the things that we’ve been through as a family this year. My pregnancy, a new baby, my brother suffering a stroke, blog successes, discovering that my dad has stage 1 cancer, my son making the honor roll, a job loss.  It’s really been a whirlwind year but I think that’s what makes our family special. The ups and downs just draw us closer together.

Be sure to visit Tylenol and check out some more videos of other families at http://www.howwefamily.com/

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How Do You Family?

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  1. Kiwi

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad’s battle with cancer but good thing its in stage 1. I am prayer for your fathers health, but in other news congrats on all of your other family good news and success for the year!


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