Let me start off by saying, “How dope was that?!” As I sat watching the last 2 hours of The Wiz Live, yeah I said the last 2, because I missed the first hour due to my own time zone ignorance.  Living on central time still messes me up sometimes.  Anyway,  I started reminiscing about the original Wiz and some of my favorite scenes.

The Wiz Live -- Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC | Naturally Stellar

The all-star cast and the voices of all of the greats like Stephanie Mills, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Lena Horne.  I just remember how classy and soulful The Wiz was and how great it was to be able to see us up on big screen puttin’ our stank on the classic Wizard Of Oz.

Well the new rendition didn’t disappoint At. All.  I think the cast and crew did a superb job, especially given that this was a live performance.  The talent!! I love how it brought a lot of the scenes up to date with modern catch phrases and references.  The sets were gorgeous!  It was really great to see black people on prime time TV once again doing it big in such a positive and creative light.

The Wiz Live!

– Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

The Wiz Live!

– Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Get ready for NBC's star-studded, live musical holiday event, starring Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Shanice Williams, David Alan Grier, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelley and many, many more.

Image credit: NBC.com

The music was excellent!! The voices were on point and I can only imagine how spectacular this would have been if I could have been there to see it sitting in an audience.

Here’s Mary J. Blige’s “No Bad News” Scene and She.Did.That!!

You know they did a good job if it made me enjoy watching NeYo.  Sorry I’m so NOT a NeYo fan ya’ll, but I was tonight.  He did a fantastic job portraying the Tin Man. Oh and I was so shocked at David Allen Greer.  That dude can sing! I actually preferred his singing over the original lion.

THE WIZ LIVE! -- Pictured: Queen Latifah as The Wiz -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

THE WIZ LIVE! — Pictured: Queen Latifah as The Wiz — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)


THE WIZ LIVE! -- Pictured: Mary J. Blige as Evillene -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

THE WIZ LIVE! — Pictured: Mary J. Blige as Evillene — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

The stuff I wish they added though was, remember all of the colors and dancers from the original? When the vibe of the city was Red, Gold and Green.  Remember “You have to be seen in Green” or “Bold in Gold” or “I wouldn’t be caught dead in Red!”    That was one of my favorite parts. That and Lena Horne as Glinda the good, singing with all the little babies up in the sky with all the diamond star sparkles.  They were was so adorable and Lena is one of my all time favorite performers. There will never be another. 

The incomparable Lena Horne as Glenda | Naturally Stellar

Here’s the music from the color song scene from the 1978 Wiz

I hope all the young ones that never got a chance to see the original Wiz, at least got a chance to catch tonight’s live show.  I hope it touched them and will resonate with them the way that the original movie still does for many of us.

What Did You Think About The Wiz Live?  

Do You Have A Favorite From The Original?

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4 Responses

  1. Alisha

    I made it through the first hour and I gave up…LOL! I was so sleepy and I’m so not a musical fan. So I plan to watch again and zip through the commercials and songs HAHA! #dontjudgeme

  2. Chae

    40 years ago I had the privilege to see the original 1975 “The Wiz: The Super Soul Musical” for my 10th birthday with my beloved Nana, R.I.P. I will never forget Dee Dee Bridgewater’s jazzy and soulful “Believe in Yourself”. It was like she was singing directly to me… the same words my Nana would say to me many times. I loved seeing people that represented me doing something I had only seen “lighter persuasion” people doing (growing up in my house we did not refer to people by their skin color if you wanted them to see beyond yours). Fortunately, I got to meet Stephanie Mills & her mother… what an amazing birthday present! A few years later I saw the film starring Lena Horne as Glinda and again was amazed. Watching the TV version last night was underwhelming (maybe it was all the commercials & negative tweets) compared to the previous adaptations but still good. This time my favorite character was May J. Blige as Evilene, I”m probably biased as I love her talent. I can only hope last night’s show produced fond memories for the new generation as “The Wiz” in ALL its forms & casts has done for so many.

    • Candice S.

      Chae that’s awesome!! I would have LOVED to have seen the original musical. So many people have commented on social media about how spectacular it was. I have to agree that last nights show by no means overshadowed the original musical or film, but it was Good! I’m so glad they included Stephanie Mills in the cast and really liked seeing new faces fill the main character roles. Yeah the commercials did get a little annoying but because it was live it made sense to their set changes. It was a great performance to carry on the tradition and celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the original musical. This definitely brought back some great memories for so many.


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