This week, Target and Improv Everywhere have partnered together to debut a new line of curated kits full of products, to inspire and spark family fun.  They’re calling them Wonderpacks. 




Each Wonderpack will come ready-made with a combo of products you’ll need to create a unique experience for your friends or the fam.  They are tailored specifically to help you keep the fun momentum going throughout the year with lots of creative themes you can try.  So, no boring families or friendships here. If creating memories is your goal for 2016, then Wonderpacks are exactly what you’ll need. 

Here’s what you can find in each kit 

I’ll start with 2 of my favorites, Couch Camping and Disco Bathtime (hey, maybe this will make my son wanna take a bath…my little stink butt)

Images courtesy of Target Media

Couch Camping Wonderpack by Target | Naturally Stellar

Disco Bath Time Wonderpack by Target | Naturally Stellar


For a limited time, you can get your Wonderpacks beginning December 6th on and retail prices will range from $25 to $95 per box.

There are 2 things that I love doing every year.   I love watching Fireworks any chance I can get and I love cruising around to look at Christmas lights.

Check out this awesome video from Improv Everywhere.  It’s called The Light Switch. See what they did with over 50, 000 Christmas lights.  I love watching how the kids get such a kick out of this.

Which Wonderpacks Would You Buy and Why?

or better yet,

If You Could Create Your Own Wonderpack, What Would Be In It?

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