It never fails for us and just like a lot of families. Somebody somewhere is gonna have to work during the holidays.  Yeah it sucks but such is life. So when this happens what do you do?  Do you plan festivities or dinner for an alternate day or go on as usual and just save them a plate?  How do you manage?

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For the last few years, the holidays have been just ok for me.  Not as exciting as it used to be in our house mostly because we just had been going through a lot as a family.  As I like to say, life isn’t always all sprinkles and sunshine.  Sometimes you gotta deal with real S%#! and smile through it.  

In Fall 2013 my household was transitioning and moving to Nashville so Thanksgiving was…so, so.  We celebrated with my hubby’s new friends in Nashville, which was cool. It was nice getting together with them, but we weren’t staying in our own place as a family yet, so it was bitter sweet.  Christmas that year was Meh…more important than gifts or food, we were just happy to finally be all together as we were going to be moving into our new apartment in less than 2 weeks. A friend let us stay in his home while we waited, which was so dope but still…we weren’t under our own roof. 

Fast forward to 2014, Thanksgiving was spent celebrating with our new friends again.  I didn’t cook much except some mac n cheese and cornbread, I think.  It was kind of nice not having to cook everything, but I still kind of missed throwing down for my hubby and inviting people over.

Now it’s 2015.  I’m still a little salty because the hubbs has to work, I’m not cooking a full meal and I really dislike our apartment so I don’t feel comfortable inviting people over.  I don’t wanna say hate because then I’d sound ungrateful. But I strongly dislike our current situation.  I guess that sounds a little better.  It’s too small for us, especially with the new baby.  I just feel cramped and it’s not really a family friendly apartment complex so there’s no place for my son to play outside with his friends, without the threat of being run over by someone’s car. No bueno. Honestly, the suckilege of this apartment is just too much to try to squeeze into this post.  There’s a lot more about it that gives me Angina but I won’t bore you with that right now, so moving on.  To add insult to injury, my older brother and his family will be visiting my parents who are a few hours away across the state line and I can’t even be there to see them or my parents.   Plus my brother’s birthday is this Friday, so I’ll be missing that too. Not that he celebrates with a big fanfare but to at least be able to give him a kiss or hug on his day would be nice.  Crap on a cracker!

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So I’m gonna try and be thankful and focus on the good things as much as I can.  But inside I’ll be thinking, “This sucks!”  I’m gonna bake my Cheesy Corn Pudding and Turkey Stuffing.  Make a batch of gravy and head over to eat dinner with our friends.  I’m gonna eat till my hearts content and maybe fall asleep on somebody else’s couch, but at least my kids will have a good time.  Then my son will smile at me from across the room and my daughter will coo and make spit bubbles and all will be right with the world again.   I’m sure I’ll get over this year just like I did all of the others.

But guess what will be ending up on my vision board for 2016?  You guessed it, a friggin’ better place to live, preferably a house with a nice kitchen so I can finally get back to having holiday dinners at our house and invite people over to fall asleep on MY couch.   

Travel safely and cherish those moments with your family this week.  Whether you celebrate or not, now is a great time to reconnect with your loved ones, by phone, by skype, face time or in person.  And save a plate for the ones that have to work please. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 




Do Any Of Your Loved Ones Have To Work This Thanksgiving?  

If So, What Do You Do To Help Them Feel Included?

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