I’m not really not a Sunday blog posting type of girl but today I was inspired to share some of my thoughts after reading a comment that someone left on one of my recent blog posts.  The comment wasn’t left on my blog, but in a private facebook group that center’s around natural hair.

Wigs and Weaves Don't Cause The Plight Of The Black Community #NaBloPoMo

I really do hate using the term “Black Community” because that would imply all of the African diaspora under 1 umbrella. So for the sake of this post, when I refer to the black community, I’m referring to the U.S. or African-American community

One thing that really irks me to no end is this belief that black people can’t spend money on the things we like AND have a positive influence on the outcome of our own community.  I feel like some of us live under a cloud that blocks us from seeing the light. Just because we don’t see the things that others are doing in the black community, doesn’t mean that it’s not being done.  We make way too many assumptions that really are counterproductive to our progress. Like the assumption that because a person spends money in one area of their life, then they can’t possibly create impact some place else. That’s totally false.

Stop pointing the finger at industries, celebrities and other groups for what you as an individual are not doing.

Case in point.

I shared this blog post in my natural hair group and this is the very 1st comment left underneath the post.

I understand that the hair industry is making billion dollars of Black women wearing weaves, perms and wigs. Imagine if those dollars were being spent properly educating our children and employing our Black men. Let’s put our dollars to better use. Natural hair is beautiful, manageable and versatile; let’s stop hiding it under fake s**t.

Instead of leaving my comment in the group and sparking a super thread of back and forth opinion throwing. I decided to drop my response here.

Wigs and Weaves Don't Cause The Plight Of The Black Community #NaBloPoMo


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Yes, natural hair is gorgeous and very versatile but I have to disagree with telling people what they should do with their money or how they should wear their hair.  That’s really counterproductive.  It is possible to spend money on your hair and on issues in the black community. It is possible to buy a wig and put some money into a college fund or give to a charitable organization that helps our community.  We as a people can’t pick and choose and say don’t buy that, put your money here, but then turn around and spend money on other luxuries and don’t complain about those.  I think part of the solution to the plight in the black community is having more of us giving more (time, $$$, resources) and serving more. But then again the question is will people do it or just continue to sit around complaining about how our neighbor spends their money?

Why does my buying a weave, wig or perm bother you so much?  What are you doing with your money? What are you doing with your time? Do you give resources to help those issues you’re so “concerned” about? What business have you started that’s employing our black men? 

Come on son! Before we even lift our arms to flex the hand to bend the finger to point at someone else, we really need to start taking a personal inventory. Just be the best YOU that you can be and we’ll all be better off. 

Our hair choices are not causing or perpetuating the plight of the black community, but our selfishness, self-righteousness and laziness are.

*jumps off soapbox*



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2 Responses

  1. Alisha (@Coily_Locks)

    Don’t even get me started on this plight! Lawd!!! But I def feel you and don’t know why and the hell it’s still such a hot topic and why people feel the need to judge someone on how they want to spend their money or wear their hair. Heck it I wasn’t so lazy I’d probably slap a perm in my hair but that requires maintenance just like if I were to wear wigs or weave. And I say ditto to what you said about this “Our hair choices are not causing or perpetuating the plight of the black community, but our selfishness, self-righteousness and laziness are.” So true!!!

    • Candice S.

      No matter what we do. Hair is work!! Back when I had a perm it’s like I had to flat iron, curl it or find some good gel to slick it down into a ponytail. Now that I’m natural I still at times have to flat iron, roll it and find products to slick down my edges. I can’t win.


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