For all you parents out there that choose to supplement your baby’s feeding with formula, there are savings and programs available to help you save big on your formula purchases. Similac StrongMoms is just 1 of many baby rewards programs out there that has done wonders for my family and our pockets.

Get Free Formula and Checks From Similac | Naturally Stellar

Similac Strong Moms

A few weeks before I gave birth to my daughter I started researching baby reward programs and signing up for any freebies I could find that would benefit us as a family.  I learned a lot about the types of things you could get for free when I had my first child so I wanted to be sure to take advantage of anything I could this time around.

Well, back in July when my daughter started having breastfeeding issues, my hubby and I made the decision to start supplementing her diet with formula. My milk supply was extremely low, she was jaundiced and her weight had dropped dangerously low according to her pediatrician.  So since we’ve already been down this road with my first child, who was formula fed, we were pretty comfortable introducing it to my daughter.  It wasn’t an easy decision to supplement. My goal was to exclusively breastfeed, but I realized really quick that it may not be an option. Not just for the medical issues but also understanding that round the clock feedings wouldn’t be possible since I had to get back to running my business.

Closer View of Similac StrongMoms Rewards Welcome Kit | Naturally Stellar

We started out by trying the same brand of formula that we used for my son, but it wasn’t agreeable with her tummy.  Since I already had my first box of Similac samples on deck, we started her out with the Similac Advanced.  She didn’t really take well to that so we switched to the Sensitive for fussiness and gas and she’s been doing great on it.  She’s a big chunky, happy girl now.  Although I still breastfeed her many times during the day, I am so grateful to have the option to do both. No more worries about not having an adequate supply of breast milk when I’m away.

Similac StrongMoms Welcome Kit | Naturally Stellar

The Checks Are Nice

Now let me tell you about the Similac StrongMoms rewards program. I joined a few months ago and have received a welcome box with formula, savings checks, and a tummy guarantee. Although their site said that they would send me a diaper bag & some other freebies, I only got the formula in my welcome kit (see pics above).  I think I’m gonna reach out to Similac to see what’s up with that.  They do send me regular checks in the mail quite often though and my latest ones have increased from $5 each to $16.

Similac Saving Check | Naturally Stellar

I prefer to get the Similac checks rather than coupons because a lot of times I end up getting cash back at the register when I buy my groceries.   I don’t know if it’s a mistake on the part of the store but I almost always get some cashback whenever I buy her formula with my groceries and present the check to the cashier.

If you’d like to sign up for the Similac StrongMoms rewards program, you can do that by clicking here: I Want To Be A StrongMom!

Until next time mama’s!

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How do you save on your baby’s needs?

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Get Free Formula and Checks from Similac StrongMoms
Article Name
Get Free Formula and Checks from Similac StrongMoms
I'm sharing my story about how we save big on my baby's formula & why we chose to supplement.

6 Responses

  1. Hattie timmer

    How do you change what kind of formula comes In the box you get each month

  2. Karen

    I signed up a few weeks ago and never recieved a box. Also, i only have 1 point & i read that the way to earn points to get the checks is to click on stuff when they email you. I did and still have 1 point. What should i do?

    • Candice S.

      Hi Karen. So this is the info I found on the Similac website within my account. To earn points you must –> Use the Similac savings coupons you receive in the mail to get more points. Earn 5 points for every coupon you use. Points add up and rewards are sent automatically. Reach 35 points and get FREE* Similac. 1 Free Similac comes as a $17 coupon good toward a 12-oz powder can.

      I would suggest calling or emailing them to see how long it takes to get your checks.

      From their website –> 1-800-515-7677, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM, EST/EDT. Or you can send us your question online

  3. Rebecca

    Thanks so much for the info! One question, do you know how I get the checks? I am unable to find a place to indicate that I purchased formula.

    • Candice S.

      Rebecca, you don’t need to! You can sign up here:

      When you sign up you get free formula samples and the checks will keep coming the more that you use them. The company gets notified when the store cashes the check. It kind of works the same way you get notified by your bank when one of your personal checks get cashed. They can see that you’re using them.


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