Hey Stars!  I know it sounds like it’s too good to be true, but it’s not.  I peeped a great way to score on getting your holiday gifts for free, plus your birthday/wedding/graduation/baby shower and my favorite, I Love Me gifts.  Free ya’ll, no joke.  All you have to do is be willing to part with something you already have and probably were looking to get rid of anyway. *you’ll appreciate the gift of my affiliate links in this post when you see how much cash you can save on gifts

shop Smarter: Get Holiday Gifts for Free

If you regularly read my blog, then you’re more than likely over the age of 18 and have heard of these flat round metallic thingy’s with music on them, called CD’s.  Got any old CD’s lying around that you don’t need or want anymore? Well you can turn those plus a handful of other electronics, gadgets, books, movies & video games into cash very easily with the Amazon Trade In Program.

No this isn’t like ebay or craigslist where you have to list items for sale or create descriptions, pay shipping or hope you don’t meet the Boston strangler when you finally meet up.  With the Amazon Trade In Program everything is already set up for you. All you have to do is check to see what items they’re looking for, submit your item and get paid. Cha-ching!

I know many of you love to upgrade your iPhone’s and Android Phones whenever the newest model drops. Well why not get top dollar back for those phones?  Book readers, instead of stock piling those books or donating them to resellers, submit your books to Amazon and get paid. Get some of that money back that you worked so hard for.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how the Amazon Trade In Program works

  • First you select the category of the item you want to trade-in
  • Next, you scroll through to find the exact product/item that you have for trade. The trade in prices are listed on the site and all prices are guaranteed as long as you ship your item within the specific postmark window for your item.
  • Amazon gives you a pre-paid shipping label and you ship your item FREE of cost
  • If your item gets rejected for some reason, Amazon will return your item with absolutely NO RETURN SHIPPING COSTS.
  • Amazon will process your item and you can view your trade in status via your account.
  • Payments are made in the form of an Amazon Gift Card. When your item is paid you’ll be able to see the amount by viewing your Gift Card balance in your account.

Super simple and straight to the point.  Trade in your old stuff, get your holiday gifts for free and you’re welcome 😉

Well until next time Stars,


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Shop Smarter: How To Get Holiday Gifts For Free
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Shop Smarter: How To Get Holiday Gifts For Free
It's not a gimmick. You really can get your holiday gifts for free . I'll show you how.

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