The Lazy Girls Guide To Postpartum Hair Care

Caring for your natural hair postpartum, often times, is one of the last things on a mom’s mind.  Your first priority is your baby and after that, taking care of yourself so you can get back to life as it was before baby arrived. So whether that’s returning to work, heading back to school or getting back into the swing of being super woman at home, I think we all can agree that our hair is one of the last things we want to be concerned about.

Lazy Girls Guide to Postpartum Hair Care

My motto for postpartum hair has been KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Since the day that my daughter was born, simplicity has been my friend.

I try not to listen to the natural hair “experts” that have either a long list of Do’s, 20 steps to a wash day or more than 4 styling products in their weekly regimens.  Postpartum hair care is all about keeping it simple so more of your energy is focused on the baby and less on your hair.

For me, roller sets are a life saver any time of the year and they allow me a lot of flexibility to maintain good looking hair for longer periods of time.   Oh and when I’m feeling SUPER lazy and allow my style to go over the weekly deadline (mostly because I don’t feel like washing it as often), I can still manage to get a funky style out of 7+ day old curls.

Roller Sets - Easy Postpartum Hairstyles

FYI, I have ditched the setting lotions and multi product layering for 1 product that seems to do it all for me.  Since October of 2014, I’ve been using Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Creme for basically all of my wet sets.  I do use a leave-in no matter what, but this product gives me the perfect texture and shine for all of my roller sets, braid outs, twist outs and flat twist outs.   It gives my hair a soft fluffy buttery feel with loads of staying power.

I’m not giving up on setting lotion or other products, it’s just that this 1 product sets and moisturizes so I don’t have to use any additional products to master my wet sets.

My 2 other styles I wear on a regular basis are a blowout/Afro or an Afro Puff/Bun.   These are super simple styles that work well for my shoulder length hair and a perfect for my busy lifestyle.

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