Summer is in full effect. The heat, humidity and in some areas, the dryness, is threatening to wreak havoc on our tresses. But we’re not gonna let that go down without a fight. We have worked hard to maintain our beautiful natural manes and summertime weather has no chance of defeating us, right?

Best Liquid Leave-Ins for Summer from Top Natural Hair Bloggers | Naturally Stellar

The key to keeping our natural hair properly moisturized this season includes not only making sure we are hydrating our bodies from the inside but also using effective products as a base for our summer styles.

I recently posed this question to Hair Bloggers in the Natural Hair Community, What is your favorite liquid leave-in conditioning treatment for the summer and why?

Check out the responses from these top Natural Hair Bloggers as well as my response as to what I prefer to use to maintain my hair.

Kellee of 


In addition to her love of Natural Hair, Kellee is a freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger.

Kellee, what is your favorite Liquid Leave-In this summer and why?  My favorite leave in this summer and any season is Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In.  It hydrates my hair, allows me to easily finger detangle, provides so much shine and I love the smell.  It’s only $10 for 16 ounces, which is plenty of conditioner for the price; with long thick hair I can use as much as I want.

How long have you been natural?  I’ve been natural around 5 years.

Describe your texture for us?  I have a mixture of 4A, 4B and 3C curls.

Danyelle of

20140511_124359 (1)Danyelle is also a Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger

Danyelle, What is your favorite Liquid Leave-In this summer and why? I love the Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In. Unlike other liquid leave in conditioners I’ve tried, the Alikay Natural Lemongrass Leave-In leaves my hair feeling very moisturized. Whereas other liquid leave in conditioners feel like I’m just spraying water on my hair, you can actually feel the oils in this liquid leave-in. It penetrates the hair shaft to really moisturize the hair, and it leaves my hair feeling very soft, and smelling delicious!

How long have you been natural? I will make four years natural on July 18th.

Describe your texture for us please? My hair is kinky, coily, and curly. It’s definitely fluffy, soft, and cottony! The front of my hair doesn’t have much of a curl pattern, but the back is a lot looser and is full of coils and curls. I’m not really into hair typing since the typing system  can be a bit confusing, but if I had to choose, I would probably be a mixture of 4a/4b/4c. I love my texture, and am really learning to love and embrace my kinks in all of its glory!

Jonna of


Jonna is also a beauty & lifestyle blogger, freelance writer and event coordinator. 

So Jonna, What is your favorite Liquid Leave-In this summer and why? Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner.
You’ve been natural for how long?   I’ve been natural for 6.5 years.
Can you describe your texture?  I have thick, dense, medium to high porosity hair that is tightly coiled.

Tiffany of

unnamed (10)Tiffany is also 1 part of a dynamic lifestyle blogging duo, recent college grad and PR enthusiast.

So Tiff, What’s your favorite leave-in for the summer? My favorite leave-in for the summer is the Basic Hair care system’s leave-in. I love this because it’s perfect for how on the go I am. If I stay somewhere and forget my head wrap or get hit with major humidity I can spray on some of this and my hair becomes soft and manageable.

How long have you been natural? I have been natural since March 2013.

Describe your texture. My hair is fairly thin though it has thickened up a lot throughout my journey. I get a few tight spiral curls mixed in with a bunch of waves. It’s super tight and at times matted in the center and gets looser as you come out.

Ngozi of BeautiFroHair

20150606_124753Ngozi is a Nigerian-American YouTube Vlogger who loves to talk about makeup and fashion in addition to Natural Hair. 

Ngozi, What is your favorite leave-in this summer and why?  My favorite leave-in is currently Karen’s Body Beautiful pomegranate scent because it smells good and has a ph of 5.5 which is good at sealing the hair and allowing it to stay moisturized.

How long have you been natural?  I’ve been natural for 5 years 8 months, big chop date Oct. 29th, 2009.

What’s your texture like?  My hair texture is a mix of 4b/ 4c

Joanna of

image1This curlista is a part of a trio of type 4 chicas. She’s the 4A of the group. Joanna “went natural” by transitioning for 14 months.

Favorite leave in? Eden body works coconut Shea leave in.

How long have you been natural? I’ve been natural for 3 years.

What is your texture like?  I have Type 4 Hair

Candice of Naturally Stellar

IMAG1330Lifestyle blogger, freelance writer and beauty contributor for Hype Hair Magazine.

Favorite Leave-In   My favorite liquid leave-in period is Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In.  My hair needs lots of moisture. It’s very spongy and my ends can quickly get dry and brittle if I don’t add an extra layer of hydration before styling. I also love rocking my afro a lot, so I need something on hand to be able to spray and go, especially in the summer heat.  This leave-in does the job and then some, has a great scent and the price is just right for my hair budget. 

How long Natural?  I have been natural for 20 years as of 2015.  I can’t believe it’s been that long!

What is my texture like?   Hmm. My texture is varied. It’s really coily and fine in the back and on both sides, really dense and wavy in the top and wavy/straight in the front, so shrinkage and blending is kind of interesting 🙂  It’s also highly porous and temperamental, so paying close attention to the pH of my products and hair is necessary.


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Do You Have A Favorite Liquid Leave-In?

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Top Natural Hair Bloggers Share Best Liquid Leave-In's for Summer
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Top Natural Hair Bloggers Share Best Liquid Leave-In's for Summer
Some of your favorite Natural Hair Bloggers weigh in on the best liquid leave-in conditioners to beat the Summer heat. | Naturally Stellar

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  1. Lynette Ford

    I am so furious with this idea black american are so mix with white there is not like i thought it was there hair has elasticity like white people hair, my is so wolly and breakage its bald there no strands it just there. i can’t do nothing` with it, it make to sense to me. All I feel hurt and discouragement you might read this and be afraid the way things has changed. I might sound hostile. but it brings hostile to me. It just so inferiorating.

    • Candice S.

      Lynette, I’m sorry you’re not happy and having a hard time with your hair. I’m a bit confused about your comment about black americans being mixed with white?? Not sure what point you were trying to get at. I try to promote positivity when it comes to natural hair on Naturally Stellar. So hopefully you’ll stick around and get some hair inspiration or encouragement from the posts you see on the site. I would also suggest connecting with natural hair groups so you can have even more inspiration and ideas to properly care for your particular texture. Natural hair is beautiful, but it takes work to maintain it.


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