Hey Stars!  I know Summer vacations are in full swing and you’re probably trying your best to block the words “Back To School” out of your mind, but this is just a gentle reminder that Sales Tax Holidays aka Tax-Free Days for Clothing & School Supplies are coming up soon.  I’ve got everything you need to stay informed on the dates & what’s included for your state.

Free Printable - Tax Free Holidays 2015


See what’s included for your state’s Sales Tax Holidays.  Most are letting us save on things like clothing, school supplies, computers, footwear and more.  If you are a Tennessee resident, you can expect to save on clothes with a max purchase of up to $100, School Supplies up to $100 and computers up to a max of $1500.   With our cap so low for clothing, some of us may need to split up our purchases over the holiday to maximize on the savings.

Oh and keep in mind, there are some states that are not participating this year, so if you don’t see your state listed then more than likely, they’ve opted out of passing on the savings to you this year.  I know, I’m yelling right with you…Boooo!!!!

Here’s a handy printable/pin-able chart to keep you on top of your shopping game this year.  Enjoy and feel free to share this with a friend!

Tax Free Holidays 2015

No Sales Tax 2015

Click To Print!

Until next time, Happy Shopping!



2015 Sales Tax Holidays - What You Can Expect
Article Name
2015 Sales Tax Holidays - What You Can Expect
Find out when your Tax-Free Holiday is for your state and what you can expect...We're always out to save some dollars on Naturally Stellar!
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