So…your bundle of joy is on the way.  You’re down to your last few months or in most cases, weeks of pregnancy.   Do you have your hospital bag packed?  No? Well, you’re not alone. Me neither!

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She’s Almost Here

The countdown begins as I have almost 4 weeks until my little lady arrives.  It’s time for me to pack my hospital bag. This time around though, I decided to think long and hard about exactly what I need to bring vs. packing what the “experts” suggest moms should bring.  To me, the experts are the ones that have been there done that, so they can give you the real 411.

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My first time around, 7 years ago,  I packed things like slippers, which I never used.   I just used some good ‘ol hospital socks with the grippy bottoms, that they gave out freely to new moms.  I also forgot to bring any makeup or hair accessories to help me spruce up for photos. Then to top it all off,  I forgot my power cord to my camera (at the time I used a plain old point & click).  Well, I have to be proactive this time and make sure I’m not burdening my hubby with unnecessary trips home to grab things I missed.

So, I decided to poll various moms about what they feel are some of the most important things to pack in a hospital bag and here’s what they came up with.  Because we all know, Moms are the real experts after all.

Top 10 Hospital Bag Essentials According To Moms

Snacks or change for vending machines – When hunger strikes and the hospital food just isn’t cutting it.  You’re gonna need a pick me up!  I know the nurses are concerned with your diet and want to make sure you eat properly after delivery, but that itty bitty fruit cup or pudding is no substitute for a Snickers, LOL!!   I’m not saying to go overboard, but give yourself a treat, you just did all that freakin’ work.  You deserve it!

Lip Balm – There’s nothing worse than chapped lips.  Keep your pucker perfect for visits or photo opp’s with your new baby.

A Robe – So you have 2 choices.   You can be cute or be practical.   IMO, hospital rooms can be a little on the chilly side and those little wafers they call blankets aren’t gonna do the job unless you beg for a few extras, so a nice warm robe may be necessary.  On the other hand, you’ll want to wear something that is photo ready as well.  So there may be a happy medium out there.  If you have a cute robe that is both gorgeous and practical, by all means throw it in your bag.

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This is me at 5 months pregnant.

Nursing bras or Nursing tanks – If you plan on breastfeeding, a few nursing bras or tanks will be good to have. I recently shopped this deal at Walmart.  The quality of the bras & fit are great so I will be stocking up on more.  I bought the Cheetah print/Black combo and you can also get these in 2 packs of white, heather gray & black.

Granny Panties or Depends – Without going into detail…trust me when I say, you’ll need these.  Get ’em in your bag!

Shower Shoes/Flip Flops – You don’t have to be a germaphobe to know that hospitals can be breeding grounds for germs.  Keep your feet protected in the shower.

Power Cords for Devices – No explanation needed, just don’t forget.

Toiletries – For you and your mate.

Large Bath Towel – Use the hospital towels for messes, but you’ll likely need your own towel to dry off after a shower. Word on the street is, most hospitals have towels the size of wash cloths.  But don’t just take my word for it…the moms have spoken.

Reusable Water Bottle – You’ll need to stay hydrated during your stay, so why not do so with your favorite water bottle.  I don’t know about you but…that hospital ice…OMG.

Some other items that didn’t make the top 10 list but you’ll likely want to toss in:

  • A comfy pillow or Boppy
  • Breast pads (you can add these to your toiletries bag)
  • Going home outfits for Mom and Baby – Don’t forget to bring something cute for your little prince or princess to wear for those photos and visitors, plus you’ll want to be super comfortable for the trip home.
  • Makeup & Hair Accessories

Oh and don’t overpack, you’ll want to leave room for all your hospital swag like diapers, onesies, swaddling blankets etc.  Don’t be shy.  If you need it, take it, trust me you’re paying for it.

Pregnancy, Hospital Bag Must Haves

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What Did You Pack In Your Bag?  What Would You Add To The Top 10 List?


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Top 10 Hospital Bag Essentials
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