Welp!  The Nashville event is Sold Out people!   Naturalista’s everywhere have been snatching up tickets, brainstorming about their outfits, planning their hairdo’s and prepping for their local INHMD 2015 events, myself included.

Natural Hair Meetup Day Style Emergency

I am super excited to be attending Nashville’s meetup since this will be the first “Official” event the city has had in a long time AND it will be the first time I’ll attend INHMD (International Natural Hair Meetup Day) in my new city.   I can’t wait to get together with my fellow curly girls and kick it with my Nashville Naturals.

May 30th, 2015

Emma Bistro Cafe
9 Lea Avenue
Nashville, TN 37210

This year, Tawanna Parnell of All Things Curly will be hosting with some of her friends and I’m looking forward to it because she knows how to bring it with the events.  She’s a great host, business woman and all around cool chick.

Attendees can expect to meet Obia Ewah of Obia Natural Hair care, maker of the most freakin’ awesomest…yes, I said awesomest,  Curl Hydration Spray I’ve ever used.

My afro lusts after this stuff!

It’ll be great to get a chance to chat with her. There are a lot of great sponsors this year. Some big names like Design Essentials, Q-Redew, CurlKit, NaturallyCurly.com, Blue Magic and many more.   So it sounds like it’s gonna be a great time, with some great peeps and plenty of photo opp’s.

So with all of that said, I’m sort of having a dilemma.   I can’t figure out how to style my hair for the event OR how I’m gonna style this baby bump!  My belly is growing so fast, I’m busting out of my outfits.  So I’m gonna have to call this one a fashion/beauty emergency and I need your help.

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I’ve narrowed down some natural hair styles that I’m willing to do, because honestly, I’m in a mode right now where if it ain’t easy, I ain’t doing it.  For real. So here are the contenders and I’d appreciate it if you shared your 2 cents on which style you think is best.

Styling The Dome

Contender #1 – The Flat-Twist/Spiral Updo

My Results Using Aunt Jackie's Curl La La. Flat Twists. 2 Strand Twists. Spiral Curls using "Curlformers". 2/13.

My Results Using Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La. Flat Twists. 2 Strand Twists. Spiral Curls using “Curlformers”. 2/13.

Contender #2  – A head full of spirals

Natural Hair, Spiral Set, Flexi Rod, Naturally Stellar, Natural Hair Styles, Low Heat

Contender #3 – A cute variation of this sleek sided Updo I found on Pinterest, courtesy of Hairstylesdesign.com.  If any of you know this young lady, let me know so I can properly tag her.


The last Contender #4 – A Simple but forever classy Goddess Braid style, like this one done by MsDanti1.


YouTube Vlogger, MsDanti1

Styling The Bump

Ok.  Now on to my bump.   I’ll likely be opting for a casual glam look.  Of course, I have to represent myself as a Natural Hair Blogger so I know I wanna rock my new blog branded tee.  I’d also like to have some sort of sexy flowy bottom.  Either Palazzo’s or a nice long flowy skirt with killer shoes.  So here are some options I’ve compiled.

Bump Style #1 – My blog tee with a nice long flowy printed skirt, like this one.  Not sure if it should go over or under my bump.


Sydney from The Daybrookblog

Bump Style #2 – A nice pleated midi skirt



Bump Style #3 – This would be my dream, if I could find it within the next few days.  So this is more of a wish…but probably not gonna happen LOL.



Bump Style #4 – A nice printed palazzo pant, like the ones Robin is rocking, that I’m sure I can scoop from Target this week, or just rock my B/W tribal print ones.



Help a sista’ out and cast your vote on how I should be styled for INHMD 2015!

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Until next time Stars,




How Do You Think I Should Be Styled For INHMD 2015?

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INHMD 2015 is coming!  How Will You Be Styled?
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INHMD 2015 is coming! How Will You Be Styled?
INHMD 2015 is coming, how will you be styled? The hair, the nails, the outfit...so many decisions. Well you're not alone | Naturally Stellar

3 Responses

  1. Erica

    I like hair style #1 and bump style #1 Give your blog some advertisement and flowy skirts are great. Bump style #2 is my second choice! Palazzo pants *swoon*

    I clearly need to get it together I’m going and haven’t thought about my fit and hair!

  2. Alisha

    I Have a pair of palazzo pants to gift you because my mom and I are midgets and they are like 4 inches too long on us. Hahaha and I love style #1 and that used to be my go to style when I had hair


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