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Bargain Hunt is a discount retail chain of stores that is headquartered in Nashville, TN.  If you live in or plan on visiting Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky or Louisiana, then you’ll want to check out this frugal shoppers paradise.  Trust me when I say, you’re gonna be in for a surprise.

Bargain Hunt | A Frugal Chicks Paradise | Naturally Stellar

These stores are stocked full of top name brand goods at deeply discounted prices.  You can find Furniture, Home Decor, Mens/Womens/Kids/Baby Clothes, Electronics, Toys, Household gadgets, Beauty Products,  Designer handbags, Luggage, Seasonal items and so much more.

Most of the items you’ll find in these stores comes from retail overstock, damaged package inventory from trucks and store returns so you may see a lot of boxes that are taped closed or have visible damage on the box, but the items are in excellent condition.  Don’t worry though, you can check the contents of your box before you buy.  You also won’t find the same inventory in each store so shopping here often doesn’t get boring.

How To Bargain Hunt

When you come into Bargain Hunt stores you may notice that there are white signs posted in the aisles listing dates & discounts.   Each item in the store should have a date listed on the price tag as to when it was added to the store inventory.   All you have to do is compare that date with the date on the discount sheet and you’ll be able to see what your discount will be. Keep in mind, the older the date on your price tag, the deeper your discount.

Bargain Hunt Prices Best Bargains

In the past I’ve purchased a really expensive ergonomic office chair for next to nothing, kitchen gadgets, clothes for my son, beauty items, a nice lamp for my bedroom, fashion scarves, curtains and bath accessories.

Here’s some pics of furniture items I spotted this past weekend.




Accent Furniture at Bargain Hunt Stores

For my most recent trip, I was on a mission to find some baby gear and whatever other little baby items I could find for my little poo poo.

I was able to snag a nice co-sleeper that I already had on my baby registry.  It costs about $17 more brand new at Walmart/Target, but I was able to get mine from Bargain Hunt for $23.

Baby Items at Bargain Hunt
Bargain Hunt | Box was a bit damaged but the contents were perfectly fine Markdown to $23…Score!

Then I found some cute little things that I can check off my list.   I found a pack of baby hats for $3 and a little tee for $1.    I’ve been finding most of my baby clothes at thrift store in excellent condition so I won’t be going overboard on buying retail with this baby. Been there done that.

Baby Clothes at Bargain Hunt
Baby hats $3 and a cute little tee for $1 | Bargain Hunt Stores
Plush Bassinet Sheet from Bargain Hunt Store
Found this plush fitted bassinet sheet to go with the co-sleeper. It was 70% off. Cost me $1.75 | Bargain Hunt Stores

I found this plush fisher price blanket on one of the shelves. It was out of the box so I wasn’t sure if it belonged to a set or even what it was.  It looks like it may have gone into the bottom of a play yard.  It has a nice no-slip bottom, so I’m just going to use it as a play mat.    It’s brand new and the cashier gave me a price of $6 for it.

So if you come into one of these stores and you find something that is out of the box, just take it to the front of the store and the cashier can give you a price on it.

Fisher Price Play Mat from Bargain Hunt
Found this cute Fisher Price “Play Mat” out of the box for $6 | Bargain Hunt Stores

So I hope this was a good little introduction to Bargain Hunt for all my frugalista’s out there. I’ll keep you posted on my future hauls/deals and I’m looking forward to hearing about yours. Well, until next time Stars.  You know the drill!


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  1. Now that’s the way to shop – we don’t have anything like this but as I stated, I recently discovered “Ollies Bargain Outlet’ which was great!

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