I’m sure by now you’ve been seeing all types of holiday gift ideas from sources like holiday guides, TV commercials, social media ads and in store deals, but I want to offer you another idea that you probably haven’t thought about.   It’s sort of unique and fairly inexpensive.  Have you ever thought about gifting someone a free domain?

Free Domain as Holiday Gift Idea


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There is new domain extension available called .ME which can help you to uniquely brand yourself vs. having the average .com, .net or .co URL to brand products, services or business names.  These domains really allow you to get creative and lets your personality shine through whatever project, business or personal endeavor you have, that requires an online presence.


I had the opportunity to gift someone a free .ME domain this year.   I decided to give one to a young lady I met a few months ago at a vision board party event I was co-hosting in Nashville.  Elmira Loftin is a licensed massage therapist and small business owner.  She owns Another Touch Massage Therapy in Murfreesboro, TN.   I chose her because I’m serious about wanting to help people achieve their goals and Elmira sounds so excited about growing her business and accomplishing her goals for 2015.  How could I resist?  She is going to use her new .ME domain to create a new business page, which will be an extension of her existing massage business.  I can’t wait to see the new name she chooses.

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I think giving a domain to someone as a holiday gift, could be a great way to show support to someone in your life that may be starting a new business or wants to jump-start an idea or goal they have.  It’s definitely not your average gift that gets forgotten about a few months later.   It keeps on giving.  Not only are the new .ME domains inexpensive, but they can be personalized to make whatever it is your giftee is passionate about, become uniquely branded online.

What would you use your .ME Domain for?

If you think a .ME domain may be just the thing for you, a friend or a loved one, you can find out more about it at Domain.ME

You can also secure your  .ME domain name by visiting some of the top domain name registrars where you can check to see if the name you want is available.

  • Register.ME
  • Enom
  • GoDaddy
  • Gandi
  • Domain Monster
  • Register.it

 What do you think about gifting domains to people this year?

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