I can’t take it anymore.  I’m at my wit’s end and I still have a LONG way to go.  I guess because I didn’t experience these things quite so severely my first go round, I just was not prepared for this overtaking of my body. Here are my top 3 worst pregnancy symptoms.

worst pregnancy symptoms

Digestive Issues

I can’t vomit.   I know TMI, but seriously, who has nausea but never throws up?   I’m in a constant state of uncomfortable digestive problems.  When I eat, my food just sits there, doesn’t really move. My gut just feels heavy all the time, even if I know it’s been hours since my last meal.  I’m bloated all the time and just can’t seem to get any relief that would help me to feel normal again or release the pressure.   It gets so bad that it causes cramps that wrap around my mid section into my back.  If I didn’t have a man who constantly rubs my back, I think I might go postal.

Super Sensitivity to Smells

Most days, I feel like a freakin’ bloodhound.  I walk past a Subway store and on top of the smell of deli meats, I can smell the vinegar used to dress the sandwiches.  Ughh!!  Not that vinegar is a bad smell, but to be able to identify smells on top of smells and take them all in at the same time, makes my stomach churn.

Just imagine a lovely bakery filled with smells of fresh delicious pastries and then add-on the mop water they used to mop the floor, old coffee grounds and the smell of dirty cash (the actual smell of the bills) hitting you all at the same time.  It’s that crazy.

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Oh and don’t let me be in the same room when my hubby takes out the garbage or forgets to put the top on the can…Barf city minus the Barf.


Sleeping comfortable through the night seems like such a fantasy now.  I’m lucky if I get a good hour, in a nice spot.   But I have no problem sleeping during the day.   I think I have Garfield beat on my cat naps.  I get it IN!!  I never thought I’d have complaints about napping, but this is just taking it too far.   It’s messing up my blog life big time.    I’m way too exhausted to write, and when I do, it’s probably late in the evening when the day is over and my thoughts of what I wanted to write about or say are gone.

My goals for the week

  • Exercise at least 3 days this week
  • Get my product review videos done and blog posts published by the weekend
  • Create a lasting protective style for my hair
  • Get some laundry done – Yeah I know…ambitious
  • Take a photo to document week 7


What I’m grateful for

  • A hubby that rubs my back and tries to understand
  • My family
  • Supportive parents
  • My 90+ year grandma that keeps me in stitches every time we talk
  • Knowing how to cook, cause these pinto beans with ham hocks I just made…Dayum!!
  • Oily skin
  • New friends


Get your mind right.  Share your goals for the week and what you’re grateful for. Link up at http://www.okdani.com/mind-right-monday/….GO!!


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  1. Laryssa @ Let's Talk Sakura Luxe

    Congrats on the pregnancy! Children are such a blessing but girl I feel you on the symptoms you are having. My last pregnancy was tough in the beginning. Praying the symptoms ease up for you soon. Think of the positive, you can have desert after every meal and say the baby wants it. Haha! Good luck on your goals and enjoy the rest of the week.


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