My first Nashville vision board party and first blog event was a huge success!  I was so excited to host my first event with my blogger boo Alisha Lampley of Wine’ing Momma and branding coach, Monchiere Holmes-Jones, Chief Marketing Curator at Mojo marketing.  It was such a great combination and fitting event to help us all get a jump-start on our New Year.

Nashville Vision Board Party - Naturally Stellar

The theme of the night was #Writethevision and our attendees came ready and excited to get their boards started. We provided the supplies, refreshments, music and a welcoming space, courtesy of Thistle Stop Cafe, to get inspired and creative and they provided their dreams and willing hands.

Our session began with a brief introduction from each host and went on to everyone getting a chance to introduce themselves in the room and tell us a little about their visions for 2015. It was so awesome to hear the variety of goals and dreams these women have. I mean the goals ranged from owning businesses, to owning homes, travel, writing books/scripts and way too many more to list.

What amazes me the most is just seeing the diversity of dreams and how passionate each person was about telling us all about it. People’s eyes lit up as they verbalized their goals and rightly so.

Then it was time to get to work and create!  We cranked up the music a bit, served some drinks to our guests (Thanks to our lovely sponsor, Spodee Wine) and everyone got busy socializing and decorating their boards.   Some people were super creative in their design and accessories. Others kept it simple and just focused on the basics.  All in all, it was a very enjoyable night.

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As fun as the creative process was, the night just wouldn’t be complete without a little fun and shopping.  So we took a shopping break, raffled off a delicious cake from The Kakery – Nashville and gave out goodie bags & prizes. Our vendors weren’t just there for sales either, these ladies got down and did some work on their own vision boards as well. Everybody there got a chance to plan their upcoming year in words and pictures.   Of course the most excitement came when we asked everyone to present their boards.

At the end of the night, we took this group photo

Nashville Vision Board Party At Thistle Stop Cafe 2014

I am so proud of these ladies, and very humbled to have been given the chance to help people on their path to success as they also inspired me to move forward on mine.   I’m really looking forward to doing this even bigger and better in the future and hope to get even more people involved in our next one.   I would really like to see some of the fellas come out and share their goals with us.

What kinds of things are on your vision board?

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