In case I forgot to mention…well actually I didn’t forget.  I just didn’t put it up on the blog yet lol.  Naturally Stellar is featured in the October 2014 issue of Hype Hair Magazine!!!

October Issue Hype Hair Magazine


I’m pretty sure I mentioned becoming a Hype Hair blogger at some point on social media this year.  But I don’t recall actually writing about it on Naturally Stellar.  So let me break down the history here.

First of all

For over 20 years, Hype Hair has continued to be one of leading hair & beauty magazines featuring hair styles, beauty and fashion trends from top black entertainment industry stars and beauty professionals.

What does it mean to be a Hype Hair Blogger?

For me, being a Hype Hair blogger means that I have opportunities to have my articles published on and it provides me with exposure to a wider audience.  As of this month, it also means that I have fulfilled a long-term goal of mine, which was to make it into an issue of Hype Hair.  I have arrived! Well, so to speak.  I get to work with a magazine that I have been reading since my pre-natural hair days in high school and I must admit, that’s pretty special.

My family & my father’s wallet can attest to the fact that I have been an avid collector of black hair magazines since the 90’s and fell in love with Hype Hair for their gorgeous hair pics and style inspiration.   Back then, it was one of just a few Black beauty magazines that celebrated women that looked like me.  It featured a lot of black celebrities that I loved as well as around the way girls that rocked some of the flyest styles on the planet.   It gave the everyday woman a chance to shine and beauty professionals a place to showcase their skills.  Although some things may have changed over the years, I still look at Hype Hair as an innovator in black beauty.

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It is so cool to come full circle now to see Natural Hair being featured on the cover. Back in ’95 when I finally quit relaxers, this was unheard of.  It’s also great to see so many women of all shapes, sizes, textures and complexions embracing their natural tresses and sporting it proudly and fiercely.   To now have a place where natural hair is celebrated just as much as straight styles is a beautiful thing.

This Month 

I’m truly excited that I’ve already had one of my beauty posts published on the Hype Hair website and I’m looking forward to seeing more of my content make its way there.

But for now, you can catch me on page 129 of the October issue,  in the mix with some of the other awesome beauty blogger boo’s.  What an attractive bunch!


Blogger Buzz



I can’t believe I finally made it onto these pages.  Ya’ll just don’t understand.  Even if my little spotlight is only 125 x 125  or smaller lol, every pixel of that little box is filled with pride.


Naturally Stellar


Until my next big news!



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