One of my hair goals for the season is to learn how to properly install crotchet braids.   I see salons charging big bucks for this style and given that I’m no stranger to doing my own braids…I’m almost positive that I can do this style myself.

How To Crotchet Braids


Now the question is, after learning, will I want to do my hair?  That’s always my dilemma.   It seems like the more I learn, the less I want to do my hair, so I tend to only go to the salon when I grow lazy.  I think crotchet braids is a style that not only am I capable of, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun creating my unique look.   So I want to share a great video one of my cousins sent to me on social media, in case you might want to give it a try.   Funny thing is, it was from one of my macho male cousins that thought I’d be interested.  He’s a trip!  But he was also soo right.

I’m including a few videos that I’ve seen that will better explain the process, show you how to install your hair and how to remove your crotchet weaving.  I’m also including my two-cents below each one and observations from watching these videos.  Enjoy!


Video credit: Toyokalon Denke – YouTube
When I do attempt this, I probably will NOT be using Toyokalon.   Just my personal preference, I don’t like the stuff.   I prefer Kanekalon or even better, one of the protein hair hybrids to establish my base braids.  Then it’ll be either a protein hair or human hair to create my style.  I wouldn’t attempt to keep any loose wearing protective style in with a synthetic hair that can’t be heat styled or shampooed & conditioned back to its curliness. That’s just a matted mess waiting to happen.   It might look good for a week or so, but once that stuff gets tangled…you’re gonna be cursing the day somebody created the crotchet needle LOL!!

Now, this is the video I prefer most because of her #1 technique, #2 easier removal and #3 the tools she uses.  You’ll notice the stylist uses a latch hook or beader to install her weave.   IMO, these tools are gentler on the hair and her technique makes it easier for beginner’s to be able to remove the weave without damaging their real hair.

Video Credit: Breanna Rutter – YouTube

Taking Down

Video Credit: Breanna Rutter – YouTube

This looks pretty easy, but I’m super lazy.  So my solution will likely be to start from the nape using her method and once my base braids connection is visible, I’ll begin taking down each base braid.   My thinking is…because the knots are attached to your base braids and they aren’t “tied” super tight like the ones in the 1st video (Toyokalon), un-braiding the base braid should expose the knots enough so that they’re forced to slip.

But I’ll know more once I begin practicing on my trusty mannequin.  Me and this chick have been through a lot together.  You can tell.  She has that look like “Oh boy…here we go again”.  😀

My Hair Mannequin

Until our next style….Happy Crotcheting Stars!



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Have You Ever Attempted Crotchet Braids?

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