With the help of Madison Reed, some Cheetos, my Roku box and a few beauty tools, I was able to pamper myself stellar style right from the comfort of my home, and you can too.

Madison Reed Hair Color

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Madison Reed’s website and their salon quality home hair color kits through one of my blogging networks.  I was already contemplating going darker for the Fall/Winter season, so the introduction came at just the right time.   I really wanted to try out my new color last week, but I was out-of-town visiting relatives and dealing with my son being out of school for Fall break, so that was a no go.   All I was waiting on was my baby to go back to school on Tuesday so I could get a ME break.

So yesterday became my day of pampering and beauty treatments.  First, I caught a much-needed LOOOONG nap, which was priceless btw.  All I remember before that lovely siesta was that I walked my son to the bus stop in the morning, he got on, I came in the house and that was all she wrote.  I was zonked out! I didn’t even open my eyes until a little after noon and that was only because I got some email notifications on my cell that woke me up.  Let me tell you, that was the best nap I’ve had in a year LOL.

Later that evening after the boy went to bed, I decided to color my hair and get my relaxation on.

Ladies, if you’re in the market for a new color, I would highly recommend you try Madison Reed to get that salon quality color you love at a fraction of the cost.  Get 50% Off Your First MR Color Experience, use code:MRPAMPER


My Color Experience

Madison Reed has their own in-house color crew that will provide you with a free color consultation over the phone or you can take the Madison Reed color quiz on their website.  I absolutely loved this part of their service!  I chose to call so I could speak to a live person because I had some questions.  When you call, you’re asked a series of questions about your specific hair needs, your texture and how frequently you color your hair.  Then they help you to select the color that is perfect for you and can offer specific advice for your color application if needed.

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When I told my consultant that I’ve been having issues with gray hairs, she gave me advice on how to take care of that and even emailed me personalized additional instructions to follow for gray coverage on top of their initial “Welcome” email for new customers.  She also helped me pick out my color, Perugia Black, which is a jet black (sort of blue-black) with loads of shine.  I really liked the personal touches and great service, which boosted my excitement for receiving my package in the mail.

Madison Reed Package Contents

When my kit arrived, what struck me the most was the packaging.  I don’t know why, but packaging always wins me over.  Maybe because it’s the first impression you get from a product? I don’t know.  Everything was labeled, the instructions were clear and printed on the inside of the packaging as well as a letter from the owner.  All of the ingredients were listed on the products and they provided everything you needed for your color application minus the comb, all in one box.

Madison Reed Packaging


Madison Reed Perugia Black

Madison Reed Shampoo Ingredients Madison Reed Conditioner Ingredients


Salon Quality Hair Color

I set my timer and began applying my color.  Once I had it all applied and combed it through with my large tooth comb, I clipped each section, put on the plastic cap and took off to catch up on the last episode of Gotham on Hulu.


Madison Reed Perugia Black

What I loved the most about my Madison Reed color kit was that, I was able to get salon quality hair color at home and a color consultation, eliminating my need to visit a salon.   That alone, is a time saver and pocket saver, especially in Nashville, where hair color visits can be pretty steep at some salons. Oh and this stuff had absolutely no weird smell.  I guess that’s the thing that tripped me out the most.

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Plus, I can honestly tell the difference between this color and anything store-bought that I’ve ever tried.  This really is salon quality hair color.  Besides a knock out color job, my hair came out feeling so soft, moisturized and super shiny.   The quality of the products in this kit went above and beyond anything I could have expected. I mean, I’ve never experienced these type of results, with a store-bought color. Ever.

Needless to say, I’m going to be giving up my drugstore box colors.   When I attempt my new color for Spring, guess where I’m getting my color from?

Madison Reed color kits retail for $29.99 and you can get yours for $15 by using the discount code below.   I would recommend calling to get your color consult vs. using the web, trust me when I say they really do have great customer service.


Get 50% Off Your First MR Color Experience, use code: MRPAMPER

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This article is sponsored by Madison Reed


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