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I have officially fallen in love again with roller sets!  Not just as a cute go-to style, but as my every day summer style of choice.  I’m finding that bi-weekly roller setting my hair and freely sleeping on my satin pillow case at night (which has always been a must) is really reviving my hair.  It’s vibrant, bouncy, shiny and growing like a weed!

Summer Hair Growth

At first I thought I was going to need to opt for a protective style like braids or twists to get me through the harsh summer months. But now, I am absolutely in love with wearing my hair out and just letting it “BE”.   I don’t know if it’s the color that has me feeling this free-spirited, or maybe it’s the results I’m seeing in hair growth and retention.  But I’m convinced now that simple maintenance and easy styling is all I need to reach my hair goals.

rollers and hair products


So let me fill you in on what I’m doing with my hair this summer.

Basically, every 2 weeks I’m doing a pre-poo detangling session with a really good slippery conditioner followed by a moisturizing shampoo and a deep conditioning.   The only so-called leave in I’m using is lightly oiling my scalp while my hair is still damp and massaging it in before I use my styling products to set my hair.   No LOC or LCO method, No sealing or extra layering of products is being done.

My New Friend for Detangling

My New Friend for Detangling


I’m also laying low on heat.  When drying my hair, I’m using natural air to partially dry it and then I’m using my hooded dryer set on cool to finish the job while I catch up on my favorite Netflix shows.   P.S. Shouts out to the makers of the Roku 2 box and that amazing remote control, I can plug-in my headphones to hear my shows while my dryer is on.

I use roller of various sizes for a less manicured look.

I use rollers of various sizes for a less manicured look.

In order to stretch my style, to make it last a full 2 weeks, I’m changing it up a bit throughout each week.  Initially I start out wearing it loose and well-defined.  As the days go on and it starts to become a more “worn in” look, I separate the curls. To switch it up, I like to wear a really thin partial head wrap just to keep my edges tamed or pin it up leaving a few tendrils hanging in the front.

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When it needs a moisture boost, I use a simple hydration mist.   When it begins to look frizzy or the curls don’t look as springy, I recoil those pieces by adding  just a super-light dab of Eco Styler Custard and finger coil, allowing it to air dry.



I just love it even more when it’s “Old”.   If you have any questions at all about my new summer style or just wanna shoot the breeze with me, drop me a comment below. Until next time Stars!


What’s Your Favorite Summer Style?  Have You Switched Up Your Regimen?


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  1. Alisha (@Coily_Locks)

    Candice I love how this turned out!!! And you’ll be happy to know that I’ve not cut my hair at all and wearing braids because I was getting the itch to cut…LOL!


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