If you haven’t seen the pics on social media yet, get ready… I recently decided to change the hair color of my natural hair.  It’s something I had been thinking about for months and kept contemplating about exactly what color I wanted, how much of my hair I was gonna color and what kind of process I wanted to go for.  It’s been well over 10 years since I last chemically colored my hair, so this was not an easy decision.DIY Ombre for Dark Natural Hair | Naturally Stellar

I finally narrowed my color down and knew that I wanted something permanent.  Next, I started researching some of the best hair color products for natural hair that are out there.   I heard a lot of banter about Dark and Lovely’s products, Shea Moisture’s Color System and a few others I wasn’t familiar with.  I reviewed a lot of discussion about whether or not to have a professional do the job vs. attempting coloring at home.

I’ve always been a calculated risk taker when it comes to my hair.  If I feel that there’s a style or process that I’m capable of doing myself,  after researching, I’m never really afraid to try.  Which is why most of my styling is done at home.  So I knew this would be something I’d attempt myself.

After researching all of the brands I’d been hearing about, I narrowed it down to Shea Moisture.  Mainly because it’s a brand that I trust.  I’ve used their products for years, and currently use some in my weekly regimen. The system was formulated for Natural Hair plus I read and saw a lot of great reviews about it. I wanted to try this, even though a few of the reviews were mixed and the majority of them dissed the conditioner that comes with the kit, because it’s almost impossible to get it out of the bottle.  I still thought overall, it sounded like the best option for my hair needs.  So, since the kit I wanted wasn’t available for sale on their website, I quickly found out there were only a few places that had it.  Target had it for $14.99 plus shipping. I added it to my basket online, but I wasn’t sure if I’d need more than 1 box for my entire head.

So basically I ended up not ordering it that day, because I wanted to wait to see if I could find it somewhere else cheaper and find out exactly how much I’d need.

Well, a few days later I was grocery shopping in Walmart and hopped over to the beauty section to pick up some conditioner. While I was there, I grabbed some other beauty items and then quickly glanced over the hair color boxes and came across this one from Feria.

Click To Get This Color


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It is L’Oreal‘s Feria Intense Ombre 030.  This particular one really caught my attention because of the hot Ombre effect (or maybe because it was the only box with an African-American woman on the cover in the sea of hair color boxes….let’s just keep it real) and I saw the words “Natural Hair” on the box.   The boxed claimed that this one is specifically formulated for Dark or Black “Natural” Hair (or non-chemically treated hair).  After reading every ounce of text on this box, I decided to just buy it and give it a try.  This one ended up costing me $10.99

What’s In The Box

Feria Intense Ombre Contents - Buy it Now!

  • Instructions
  • Gloves
  • Applicator Brush
  • #1 Developer Creme with Applicator Bottle/Mixing Bottle
  • #2 Bleaching Powder
  • #3 Lightening Creme
  • Conditioning Shampoo

The Process

First I made sure I put on an old ratty T-Shirt or something I didn’t mind getting messy in.  I parted my hair into sections, about 6 or 7.  Then I sprayed it just a bit with some detangling spray and gently detangled my hair starting from ends to root. **Detangling is very important** because it allows the color to be distributed more evenly.

Once I finished detangling each section, I secured it with an elastic hair band.   I like to use Goodies bandless elastics, btw.  Then I loosely twisted each section.

Detangling before coloring my natural hair

The reason I secured my hair in sections with a band was just to make color application easier once I got started and to be sure that I only applied color to the ends of my hair, protecting my roots.  So anything below the bands is off-limits.  It wouldn’t be Ombre if I colored my entire head right? 🙂

Next, I laid everything I needed out in front of me on my bathroom counter,  pre-cut the corner on the bleach packet & pierced the seal on the lightening creme.

Feria Ombre Developer, Bleach & Lightening Creme

I put on my gloves and began mixing according to the instructions.  Then I started applying the mixture to my front sections starting with the ends and working my way up.   I used plastic butterfly clips to keep the treated sections up and away from my face and ears.

Feria Intense Ombre Gloves

Coloring Natural Hair


Initially I was only going to apply color to the front & top of my hair, but as time went on and I saw how much product I had left, I decided to color the back too.

Natural Ends Changing Color

Lightening Natural Hair

The color is really starting to become more noticeable in the front first.

Mid Process. Feria Intense Ombre for Dark Natural Hair 030

In Process. Feria Intense Ombre for Dark Natural Hair 030.

Toward the end of the process, I did end up using this little brush because it helped get to my thicker sections closer to the elastic bands.  It didn’t pull or take any hair out.  The color creme helped it to glide through.  My hair is super spongy so those thick areas needed much more product and attention.

Feria Intense Ombre Brush Applicator

So I ended up leaving the product on my hair for a total of 40 minutes.  Then I washed it with the Conditioning Shampoo and applied my ORS Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Pack. After my final rinse, I covered my hair with a satin bonnet, then put my towel on top to remove any excess water.   After removing the satin cap, I applied Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In, a little herbal oil and wore my wash n go for the rest of the day.


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I Shot This Video While In-Process


My Final Thoughts & Results

I love my new color!  I thought the whole process was easy.  I’m glad I only needed 1 box to do my whole head and I still had some creme left over! The instructions were easy to follow and I didn’t need to spend $100 plus tip (and that figure is probably low considering the pro salons in Nashville) to have someone else do it for me.

If you’re thinking about coloring your natural hair and are looking for something fun and funky to try,  I would recommend this.  At first, I was very hesitant about opting to color my hair.  I listened to a lot of chatter on both sides of the Natural Hair fence.  Ultimately, I made the decision to do this because it’s been 10+ years and I was in desperate need of a change.  Plus, it was approaching Summer and I wanted my hair to match my mood.  Lastly, I did it because I’m grown and I don’t let other people make decisions about what I do and don’t do with my hair.  BOOM!!   I’m so glad I took this plunge.  I feel so different with my new hair.

Get Intense Ombre Feria 030

If you’d like to check out some of the fun Ombre colors that are in the Wild Ombre, Intense Ombre or Coloured Ombre line, Click Here!

Just remember, this is a chemical process.  So if you are afraid of this changing the chemical nature of your natural hair.  IT WILL. So this may not be suitable for you.

Color Intensity of Feria Ombre 030


Before and After Coloring with Feria Intense Ombre 030

Results of DIY Ombre on Straightened Natural Hair | Naturally Stellar

Results of DIY Ombre on Natural Hair | Naturally Stellar

So wouldn’t you know after all of that, about a week later.  Look what I found just a few minutes away from my house at Bargain Hunt for $9  ***SMH***

Shea Moisture Hair Color System

To answer your question because I’m psychic (NOT!), Yeah I bought a box LOL!!  It was a good deal!   Plus I may want to lighten my tips even more for a 3 tiered Ombre soon.

Until next time Stars,

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Natural Hair | My DIY Ombre Hair Color Experience
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7 Responses

  1. Felicia

    I want to color my natural hair so bad but I’m scared of putting the bleach on my hair. I won’t be doing it bcuz I have no clue about coloring hair but someone with more experience would most likely be the one to do it for me. Did the bleach cause any damage for u?

    • Candice S.

      Hi Felicia. Awww don’t be scared LOL. I haven’t noticed any damage at all from my color, but maybe it’s because I’m used to coloring myself so I take a lot of precautions. You’re doing the right thing though, if you’re not comfortable it’s best to go to a professional.

  2. Taris

    Thank you so much for this review. I bought this loreal kit yesterday from Walgreens clearance section. I was sit down thinking how should I start and I ran across your review.

  3. Kiwi

    Thats cute! I am too scared to do any at-home dye stuff myself…I always just let my hair grow out into a naturally ombre. I am glad you liked the results!


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