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Hey guys, Summer is fast approaching and many of us are already experiencing the heat wave.  These warmer days are bringing us so many opportunities for outdoor fun, parties, barbecues and get together’s.  When it’s hot and gorgeous outside, I pretty much like to find any excuse to have a good time chilling with family and friends, eating tasty food and throwing back delicious drinks.

Most of the time, when I’m not on Pinterest stalking boards looking for good eats & drinks, I’m probably at home creating shopping lists or throwing down in the kitchen, creating my latest inspirations.  One of the things I’ve been doing lately has been blending up a lot of Smoothie and fruit slush recipes.  Some were inspired by things on my Pinterest boards and others are just combinations I’ve been testing out.  With cold drinks also comes the tough task of trying to keep the drinks cold for longer periods of time.

I’m not really a fan of thermal cups, unless we’re talking about coffee mugs,  mostly because I haven’t found any that are cute or not plastic.  Yes, fashion and style does play a role in my kitchen when I’m serving guests.   I like my dishes to be functional of course, but also pleasing to the eye and memorable.

Serafino, Ozeri, Product Review, Double Wall Glasses, Drinks, Summer, Entertaining

So I decided to try out one of my latest recipes,  my Mixed Fruit Slush,  using my new Ozeri Serafino glasses.  I received this set of glasses not too long ago from the Ozeri company but hadn’t gotten around to actually trying them out.  So I decided to put them to the test to see if the product claims are true.   Let me give you a little background info about these glasses.

Ozeri’s Serafino Double Wall Glasses are specifically designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, without affecting the outside climate of the glass.  So when you grip the glass, you shouldn’t get condensation from cold drinks or burn your hand with hot ones.

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Serafino, Ozeri, Product Review, Double Wall Glasses, Drinks, Summer, Entertaining

I’ll just list some of the product claims so you can see some of the benefits of using these glasses vs. using traditional plain glasses.

  • Made of Borosilicate glass, which is stronger than normal glass
  • Provides insulation to keep drinks at optimal temps
  • Heat & Shatter Resistant
  • Durable
  • Microwave & Freezer Safe
  • Handmade
  • 1 Year Warranty

Serafino, Ozeri, Product Review, Double Wall Glasses, Drinks, Summer, Entertaining


My Observations

Now I didn’t test my glasses in the Microwave or the Freezer because, well…I was scared.   I’m not prone to freezing my glasses anyway or microwaving glasses, due to past kitchen disasters,  so I didn’t really feel the need to test that claim.  I will say though, that they really do keep drinks at optimal temps.  I tested mine with both a cold slushie and some Hot Chai Tea.   Although I didn’t test them to see if they were Shatter Resistant, I can testify that the heat claims are true.  These are made of Borosilicate glass, which is basically the same stuff that those Pyrex baking dishes are made of.  So it’s no wonder that they hold in heat so well and vice versa for cold.

Serafino, Ozeri, Product Review, Double Wall Glasses, Drinks, Summer, Entertaining

What I like the most about the Serafino glasses is the double wall build.  It gives the illusion of my drink being suspended in the glass, which is a really cool effect, when it’s sitting on the coffee table.  They also have a nice curve to them, which makes gripping easy and gives them a sweet contemporary style, which I love.  Because these are blown glass and polished to a high shine, the surface is super smooth.  These glasses scream elegance.   I mean they really make my little fruit slush look like a high-priced cocktail LOL.

I did notice a little condensation on the outside of my glass when I left it sitting for a few minutes.  However, it wasn’t really enough to cause even 1 drip.  Just a little fog.  Serafino, Ozeri, Product Review, Double Wall Glasses, Drinks, Summer, Entertaining

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My final test was after 2 hours of placing my glass in the fridge, that drink you see in the glass was still ice-cold and the slush was still super icy in the middle.  It barely melted.  I’m impressed!


The 16 oz. glasses/set of 2 are $29.95 with Free Shipping

Where To Buy

You can buy the Ozeri Serafino glasses on Amazon.com.  Because I liked these,  I decided to add them to my Star Shop (My Amazon Store. Just Click the link or the Shop tab at the top right of the blog) to make it easier if you decide to buy.

My Grade

I’m very pleased with the design and the performance of the Serafino glasses, with both cold and hot drinks. The quality is excellent and they really held up to the company claims.  So these are definitely something that I would recommend to family and friends as a household staple.  With that said, I give the Ozeri Serafino Double Walled Glasses an A!

Serafino, Ozeri, Product Review, Double Wall Glasses, Drinks, Summer, Entertaining


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