It’s here again!  This Saturday May 17th, 2014 is International Natural Hair Meetup Day!  INHMD is a yearly Natural Hair meetup event for women all over world to network, share and meet each other at local community meetup’s or at scheduled virtual events.   The meetup’s were created to help provide an opportunity for Women in the Natural Hair Community to get together to have fun, share tips and techniques, to inspire each other and to gain information about products that can help with our natural hair journeys.

Events will be held in cities all over the US so I decided to highlight a few for you and want to take this opportunity to encourage all Naturals or anyone interested in transitioning to Natural Hair to get out this weekend and network with others in the Natural Hair Community.   I’ve seen some pretty cool event flyers over the last few months and many of them are  promising to be exciting and fun events.   There are many events that will be offering free giveaways, hair shows, vendors, themes and sponsors etc.

Internationally I have seen official event info for  Toronto, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Grenada.

Most of the events I have seen do require a fee and RSVP’s for tickets, BUT there are some FREE events being held as well.   Please CLICK HERE to check your local listings to see what’s going on in your area.  Maybe you might even like to travel to another nearby city to experience something a little different.

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Norfolk, VA you can expect this event hosted by Naturally Glam



Alpharetta, Georgia you can expect this event hosted by  Natural Girls Rock



San Diego, CA your event will be hosted by Hair Esteem Internatural




Here in Nashville, we don’t really have an “Official”  INHMD event scheduled,  *Major Side Eye*  But our local Nash Naturals Facebook group announced an event this Saturday at Kinky Rootz Hair Salon from 1pm to 4pm.   Hurry because there are only about 17 tickets left according to EVENTBRITE!!!  GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

Hey Nashville!

Next year we are going to do better Right?   Even if that means some of us Natural Hair Bloggers teaming up and putting on a great OFFICIAL event. There’s no reason at all why a metro area with an estimated 1.73 Million people doesn’t have an INHMD event going on for Naturals.  I’m willing to offer up my services as a host just to get an event popping for us.   My hope is that others will be down so we can make it a multiple blogger hosted event.  I think that would be awesome.  So Let’s Collaborate!!

For more information about International Natural Hair Meetup Day, check out the website, peep the video below and follow #INHMD on social media so you can stay up to date on any happenings or last-minute changes.  Get out and meet some other Naturals.  Have some fun. Discover something new.

Until next time Stars,     Have A Happy International Natural Hair Meetup Day!     I know I will!

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Will you be attending in your city?

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