It’s time for another Target Beauty Haul!  This time I’m sharing all of the stuff I found on Clearance for the week of 4/7 – 4/13.  Most of which is still on the shelves in the Health & Beauty aisles, according to my trip again this morning 😉   I’m just gonna get right to the pics and be sure to check out the video on my YouTube channel, it’s embedded below.

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I bought a water bottle in the Health & Beauty sample aisle, to keep my curls moisturized now that the weather’s getting warmer and I’m wearing my hair loose more often.  It was $1.   Natural Hair Tip:  Warm water,  your favorite leave-in and a little oil always makes for the perfect hair mist.

Check out these face masks from Look Beauty.  They have a lot of options for various skin problems.  I picked up these wrinkle reducing masks. Even though I don’t really have wrinkles yet, Collagen masks are great for just about any anyone.   I recently tried one of these and it made my skin so soft & supple.  It smells great and goes on pretty easy.  I’m not really used to facial masks remaining wet while in use. Most of what I’m used to dries and then you peel it/wash it off.  In this case,  the mask stays moist, you leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes and then take it off.   As you can see this was on clearance for $4.98

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These little packets are slowly becoming my favorite facial mask.   Currently Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask is at the top of my list,  but I’m really feeling the gentleness of Willa Skin Care’s  Cucumber Mask Formula.   I don’t get any of the skin sensitivity issues, like I experience at times with my Queen Helene mask.  This one is very soothing, dries quickly and it REALLY shrinks my pores to almost nothingness.   I gotta get this in a full-sized portion!   Anyway, these babies were a whopping $ .87 cents each and I’m so glad I found them.

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Now this is a bargain!  For $3.99, I got this tube of Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie.  I wasn’t sure when I shot my video, but Now I’m quite sure this tube is air travel size compliant.  This can be thrown in you carry on or gym bag for any much-needed moisture boosts.  I just love the convenience of having 1 of my favorite hair products in a little squeezy tube.  Just makes life easier.

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My son spotted these grow kits as we were coming down the $1/$3 aisle at the front of the store.  Right now we are growing Strawberries in our living room.  He gets so excited to see a little sprout popping up now when he comes home from school.   I’m just surprised that he was even interested, since he seems to not be interested in much of anything outside of Angry Birds and Speed Racer right now.   But at least now, I’ve got him thinking about growing his own food.  Next up we’ll get the Sunflower going and I’ll get my Basil popping for my kitchen.   These were $3 for the Sunflower and Strawberries.  The basil was $1.

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I snagged some eyebrow razors to shape up the girls and a cute charger station for $4.98 to jazz up my desk a bit.  Oh, I also scored some E.L.F. swag.

Target, Beauty, Shopping, Naturally Stellar, Makeup, Cosmetics, Haul,

 Here’s the Full Video with all the deets of my haul. My mobile Stars can also click here if needed.

Until the next haul people, Happy Targeting!

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