natural hair, naturally Stellar, beautiful textures, after

So….I straightened my hair about a Week and a Half ago, The pic above is before my much needed trim.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Google+ you may have seen some of my Before & After pics of my 1st application of Beautiful Textures Thermal Manageability System.  It’s a temporary straightening system made specifically for Natural Hair or Transitioner’s going back Natural Hair.  I first learned about this from fellow blogger Curls and Mo a little over a month ago and I watched her first impressions video and followed her on social media to see whether or not her curls would revert back to their  original loveliness…and they did!

Thanks to Mo, I felt a little more comfortable trying this out for myself.  I’m brave, but not quite that brave when it comes to my Natural Hair.  I don’t want anything to mess with my natural hair texture or cause any permanent straightening.  Been there, done that.

So I put on my detective hat and went on an online search to find the At-Home kit, to no avail.  Walgreen’s online was all out.   So next I went to the Beautful Textures Facebook page to ask about the product & locations.  What I learned there from other customers is that the kits can be found in stores vs. online.   So that evening, I got in my car and travelled around Nashville to about 5 area Walgreen’s looking for this stuff, did I find it?  Nope!   I finally came across a Walgreen’s store closer to downtown that carried it, one early Saturday Morning, so I bought 2 kits.

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TMS, Beautiful Textures, Naturally Stellar, First Impression, natural hair, straight, beauty, hair, black hair,

natural hair, naturally Stellar, beautiful textures, after

natural hair, naturally Stellar, beautiful textures, after

These are the 2 products that you’ll initially use for the straightening process.

Click for the video of my application and first impressions

For Your Viewing Pleasure here are my pics below 😉

natural hair, naturally Stellar, beautiful textures, curly Hair

natural hair, naturally Stellar, beautiful textures, curly Hair

Keepin’ it real…Lint balls and all LOL!!

natural hair, naturally Stellar, beautiful textures, blow out

After Blowout

natural hair, naturally Stellar, beautiful textures, after

After Flat-ironing with not oil or other straightening products added.

natural hair, naturally Stellar, beautiful textures, before and after

If you’re on the hunt for this TMS kit use this Walgreen’s Beautiful Texures Page (and for best results, Click on Find it in Stores, put in your zip and select See only stores that have it)

Also, keep your eyes peeled for my Spring Giveaway, where I’ll be giving away some Natural Hair Goodies (Including a Beautiful Textures TMS Kit) to my loyal blog subscribers.


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  1. Louida (@EarningFreeCash)

    It’s great to see that their straighting system worked for you but just be careful because those type of systems has formaldehyde in it that can be toxic. #ProductReviewParty

    • Candice S.

      Thanks Louida! Oh I’m very careful. 🙂 I’ve been natural for quite a long time and read my ingredients faithfully. I’m not at all concerned about this particular system or my health because it’s the amino acids that are the active ingredients. There is NO formaldehyde or formaldehyde by-products in this.

      I always just advise people to use their own judgement & always do your research before using products on your hair or body.


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