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Ok so here’s a product review that is right on time as we’re all prepping for Spring and starting to gather our Spring Beauty essentials.  I want to show you the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush & Pen.   I’ve been using my Optic White Kit for a little over a week now and I wanna fill you all in on what I think about it.   I posted a quick video sometime last week to share what came inside my box from Influenster.   So If you missed that you can See The Optic White Unboxing here.

Basically what comes in the kit is the new Optic White Toothbrush, Whitening Pen and the instructions on the packaging.   Influenster also sent me a trial sized Optic White Toothpaste and a bunch of $3 off coupons.  Sorry but I don’t have any more coupons left to give away. 

Here’s What You Can Expect

This is the same kit you’re gonna find in stores on the displays in the Beauty aisles.  I actually saw the kit this week in Walmart retailing for $12.98. Plus, after you buy the kit, you can buy all your replacement pens & toothbrushes individually.  The Toothbrush is light weight and has normal brush heads & little circular bristles in the middle with white polishing strips.  The little whitening pen that’s inside the kit fits directly into the base of the toothbrush for easy storage & use.

My Observations

The toothbrush is just ok.  I like the fact that it’s light-weight and I can store the pen inside, but I’m just a little partial to my Colgate Spin Brush that I already have.  I feel like I get a better clean with the Spinbrush than I do with the Optic White brush.  The whitening pen is easy to use. All you do is click it twice and apply it to your teeth. The consistency of the whitening gel is thick & a little waxy, so it won’t rub easily off your teeth.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that the gel doesn’t really leave that nasty peroxide or bleach-y taste in my mouth like some of the other whitening gels I’ve tried in the past, so that’s an added plus.  Still, it can get a little messy because of its tackiness.

Here’s a Tip:  Be sure to use your chapstick or lip balm right after brushing & before using the whitener, so your lips won’t dry as you’re applying the gel or while you’re trying not to swallow.  If you’ve ever whitened before, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Colgate, Beauty, Smile, Optic White, Review, Influenster, Naturally Stellar, Beauty Blogger

My Results

So I’m not even gonna fool you into thinking your teeth are gonna be as white as the chick in the commercial, but you will notice a remarkable difference after a few days, if you use it as directed.   I am really pleased with my smile.  I was expecting a little more whitening power, but I do see a noticeable difference and it’s making me feel more confident about my Selfies.

Colgate, Beauty, Smile, Optic White, Review, Influenster, Naturally Stellar, Beauty Blogger
Took This Photo on 3/8. 1 week after using Colgate Optic White


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Colgate, Beauty, Smile, Optic White, Review, Influenster, Naturally Stellar, Beauty Blogger
I took this photo yesterday 3/10. A Much more noticeable difference!


My Grade

I give it a solid B.   I think if the brush had some spin action and still allowed for storage of the whitening pen, I would have given it a definite A.  I think where this fell a little short for me was not having enough whitening power to make the commercial smiles at least seem attainable or believable (but of course we all know how advertising goes).  The brush is ok, but not great.  I think the price is a little steep for this not to be a spin brush.   I mean, I bought my current spin brush for $6.98 at Walmart and so if you factor in that plus the whitening pen at let’s say around $6, that to me sounds like a more reasonable combination & price.  Then charging $13 doesn’t seem so bad. However it’s still all cheaper than a lot of the whitening products out there.

Click Here To Get The Optic White Toothbrush & Pen

Learn more about Colgate Optic White. You can buy it at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.   Like I said the retail prices I’m seeing for the set are all around $13

Well, until next time Stars, Keep Smiling!

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Have you tried any of the Optic White products? What did you think about them?

  1. Thanks for being honest with your review. I also enjoy using the Colgate Spinbrush and haven’t found a electrical brush better than that. #ProductReviewParty

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