I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention the amazing Julep haul I bought during the holidays on the blog.  Well it’s never too late. I managed to score 7 gorgeous colors for about $23 during one of Julep’s holiday sales. I’m gonna show you what I bought.

But first, since Spring is upon us and it’s looking like Spring Fashion is bringing us LOTS of color this year,  it’s time to start planning for our Spring Mani’s.  Because you know we have to coordinate right Ladies?  “You got to Co-oooor-din-ate”! (In my John Witherspoon voice). Got To Coordinate

Now is a great time to get in on the Julep Maven Box Subscription because they’re offering your first Maven box for FREE.  What the good people at Julep will do for you is they offer 5 boxes each month during the Maven “Window”, YOU select which box you want and it arrives at your door.  Often the boxes will have a cute theme and the packaging is very nice.  The box costs $19.99  and is charged monthly to your credit card or payment method of choice.  A good way to start is to take their Style Quiz so they can match some colors for you.  Remember to use code: FREEBOX at checkout to get your free Welcome Box.

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The current Welcome Box is called Bombshell and it’s filled with 3 awesome polishes.  You’ll get Zelda ($14 value), Kendra (also $14)  and the Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum ($28 value).  Oh and if you don’t like those choices, you can pick another box instead.  Subscribing to the Maven Box is really convenient if you like to try new colors or are in to changing your nail colors often.  You’ll always be ahead of the game because they make sure to stay on top of what’s trending or popular in nail & beauty.

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Plus, if you were to buy just 1 bottle of Julep polish at the regular price, it would normally cost you $14.  So getting 3 options for $20 is a pretty good deal.

OK so now on to my haul


Julep, Nail Polish, Beauty, Naturally Stellar, Maven, Manicure, Spring

Here’s what I bought from Left to Right and you can click on the Color Swatches (I made links to the products) to Buy if you’d like.



*Char dollop_char_pdp










dollop_kennedy_pdp*Kennedy (Top)



Julep, Nail Polish, Beauty, Naturally Stellar, Maven, Manicure, Spring

My polish addiction is real…people.  My bathroom is starting to look like a Nail Salon and this isn’t even close to ALL of them.  I feel so bad for my poor hubby because I’m hogging all the counter space and wall space for my precious bottles.  There’s almost no masculinity left in that room for him LOL!

Eh Well.  He still loves me.





Found Any Good Polishes Lately?


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  1. ebonycprincess

    I LOVEEEEE Julep. They are pricey but the slim bottle design is a plus and the quality is great. Welcome to the club! 🙂

    • CandiceS

      Hey Jamila! I got into julep by looking for cheap deals. They have a lot of polishes that are on sale, but you have to look through them. I’m loving the ones I have so far. I’m gonna have to check out Ipsy. I’ve heard of them but never checked into what they offer. Thanks for putting me on & visiting. Hope you’ll stop back by soon.


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