Are any of my Stars gearing up for Valentine’s Day? I am. And for the 1st time in my life, I’m planning early. My goal this year is to make all of my special moments of 2014 more exciting & more memorable. I want to look back on the year and say in my Tamar Braxton voice, “Yup!, She did that!” 😀Candy, Gifts, Favors, Treats, Special Occassion, Naturally Stellar, Review, Weddings, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Chocolates

Les Cinq Amandes

Well you know it’s always the little things and special touches that make events memorable.  So I want to introduce you to my 1st  fabulous goodie of 2014 that I’m really excited to tell you all about.  Take a look at the lovely confections of Les Cinq Amandes.  Les Cinq Amandes (The 5 Almonds), pronounced (Lay-Sank-Ah-Mahn-d) is a creator of beautiful and decadent favors & gifts. All of their confections are hand-made and beautifully packaged for many special occasions.  They have even been designated as the Platinum Gifts and Favors Designer at the Westchester Ritz Carlton Hotel, so you know the quality & presentation have to be phenomenal.

Candy, Gifts, Favors, Treats, Special Occassion, Naturally Stellar, Review, Weddings, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Chocolates

My Experience

I was fortunate enough to have received a sample variety of their “Beaucoup” collection to try in exchange for my opinion about the product, so I want to share my thoughts with my beautiful Stars.  The Beaucoup collection is a variety of Almond, Chocolate, Pistachio and Meringue candies.

First Impressions

I have to say, when I received my package in the mail, I was so impressed with the gorgeous packaging & presentation of what I received.  They offer such a wide variety of candies & favors to suit just about any occasion. Because some of the packages are customizable,  I thought about how wonderful these would be for a Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day or pretty much any romantic occasion.  They’d also make great graduation gifts or favors for Bloggers events, small intimate Baby Showers, Grand Openings or a Ladies Nite Out etc.

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Les Cinq Amandes | Naturally Stellar

The Taste

Now let me tell you about the taste, cause we all know how much of a foodie I am.  I LOVE to eat. No shame here.

First, let me just tell you this before I begin.  I HATE meringue. Can’t stand it. Always have. But for the sake of this review & my commitment to being fair, I put my detest aside and actually tried the meringue.  I kid you not, the Magical Meringue pieces are melt-in-your-mouth good! The inside is a really flavorful meringue (not at all like the meringue I remember), while the outside is a soft fruity chocolate coating that just melts in your mouth.  The Almond Monde is sweet & crunchy with a hard candy coating. The almonds taste fresh and are a really nice size too, no wimpy almonds here. The Petite Pistachios are small roasted pistachios with a hard candy coating. These really are very dainty but GOOD!


Candy, Gifts, Favors, Treats, Special Occassion, Naturally Stellar, Review, Weddings, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Chocolates

The Chocolate Dragees are sooo yummy! They’re pretty big too, not at all what I was expecting.  They are candy coated dark chocolate pieces that can be customized to your events colors including having gold & silver metallic-like candy coating.

Les Cinq Amandes | Naturally Stellar

Chocolate Dragees can be customized to your own colors – Les Cinq Amandes –

Les Cinq Amandes | Naturally Stellar

Final Thoughts

I didn’t get a chance to sample their Hazelnut Pearls, but they look so pretty. Those are next on my list to try.

Overall, I am so glad that I was introduced to Les Cinq Amandes. These are simply gorgeous & decadent treats that will wow your guests and keep people talking about your event or special occasion LONG after it’s over.

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My Grade?  An  A+ with both pinkies up!

Special Discount for Naturally Stellar Readers.  Les Cinq Amandes is offering you 10% off your order by using promo code: HOLIDAY10 at checkout.

 For more information about Les Cinq Amandes, visit:


Candy, Gifts, Favors, Treats, Special Occassion, Naturally Stellar, Review, Weddings, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Chocolates








*Product Review Disclaimer*  This product was provided by Les Cinq Amandes in exchange for a review & my opinion on Naturally Stellar.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own & always honest.  – The product may be sponsored but my opinion – NEVER!



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  1. CandiceS

    You’re welcome Afrophire! My goal is to introduce my readers to many new products this year, from health & beauty finds, to great food…and so much more. Thanks for following me, I appreciate your comment 😉

  2. Afrophire

    Planning early, what’s that?! That’s only something I can dream about with my husband being in the military. I totally agree that it’s the little things that really make for special memories. These sweet treats look divine… thanks for introducing me to Les Cinq Amandes!


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