Frugal Friday: Beauty Haul with E.L.F. and L.A. Colors


Yup! It’s Friday again and I’m back with another fabulous beauty haul to share with you.  This week’s haul is coming at ya with finds from Dollar Tree & Walmart.

Let’s get down to business.

These 2 lip beauties are from L.A. Colors and sold at Dollar Tree for $1 each.  I bought #BC780 Lace which comes with a sheer pink glitter gloss & #BC778 Lush that comes with a clear gloss.


Lace is a pretty bright pink and Lush is a Dark Tan.  I have to remember that I’m going to need to wear primer to bring out that beautiful pink color, otherwise it’ll show up a little deeper than I really want it to.

It’s actually a little brighter than the photo below.


Next up is my E.L.F. Foundation brush.  This is my 2nd one.  I use one for my Lactic Acid Facial Peels and I bought this one for my mom because she’s been wanting a nice foundation brush.  I copped this for $1 at Walmart.  Don’t say I never bought you anything Mom!  Haaa Haaa ๐Ÿ˜€

Check out this Makeup Mist from E.L.F.  It’s a finishing mist to help set your makeup. The bottle says it has Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber, and Vitamins A, C & E. I also got this one from Walmart and it was $3.  Any of you ever try this?

I wonder if I can spray it over my mineral makeup?

Frugal Friday: Beauty Haul with e.l.f. and L. A. Colors

Then I scored 2 new additions to my nail polish family. These are Maybelline Color Show Polishes, the Polka Dot Collection.   I bought a gorgeous Blue & a lovely clear with Black & White Polka Dots.   Both of these polishes looked SOOO pretty on the display.  They called to me….Buy Me! Buy Me!   So I broke down.   Don’t judge.  They were $2.97 each at Walmart.



Lastly I bought this Plum colored polish by L. A. Colors from Dollar Tree.   It’s BCC651 Fiji Purple.   Remember, Plums & Deep Reds are in this Fall!  In retrospect, I should have swatched this one for you so you could see the true color. It’s Fab!


So altogether this haul cost me a whopping…$13.

Well, until next time Stars, stay frugal & always beautiful!


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