This past weekend was my 1st trip to an Alabama Flea Market.    My mom and I prepped our trip with Sonic drinks and breakfast burritos in hand (’cause you can’t shop on an empty stomach right?) and took to the road!   The Flea Market that we went to is called Mountain Top. It’s located in Attalla, Alabama and is open every Sunday – Year Round – Rain or Shine.  The booths open at about 5 a.m and it closes at around 5 p.m.

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I’m so used to going to local trade days & farmer’s markets, that I just wasn’t prepared for Mountain Top.  It’s not just a name, it really is located up a mountain, and my mom is deathly afraid of driving up/down steep slopes so let’s just say that was an interesting ride 😀

My expectation was to see the regular run of the mill booths selling fresh produce, homemade jams & Jellies & food vendors, but I was nicely surprised & a little shocked at some of the stuff people were selling.

Only in the south are you gonna see live chickens being sold in fruit bags! LOL. I kid you not, people were selling live chickens in those bags. You know the ones you normally see bushels of oranges or grapefruits in?

I kept my focus on whatever beauty & fashion finds I could score.


I was able to get some cute earrings & a flower ring from a young couple selling costume jewelry.  They were so nice and had the cutest dog. The wife called it a Chiweenie 🙂   Anyway, the husband clued me in on the fact that they buy huge lots of their jewelry online so that’s how he keeps his prices so low.  I was able to get my earrings for $1 each & a ring for 2 bucks.

I didn’t buy anything from this chick below.  She did have some nice stuff, but here prices were ridiculous…for a flea market.  IMO & according to my pocket, I’m not paying $20 for a leather bracelet I can find cheaper online :/

They are fly, but Um NO.


The rest of her stuff was kind of pricey and way too much for her “Going out of business sale”.


Next we hit up the free for all booths, which are the ones where they sell just about everything you could possibly need.

We scored some makeup & stuff for $1 each from these 2 guys.  My moms a hustler so we were able to bargain them down for our stash. Here’s what I bought.

fashion, flea market, shop, earrings, naturally stellar, mountain top, alabama, beauty, cosmetics

fashion, flea market, shop, earrings, naturally stellar, mountain top, alabama, beauty, cosmetics

Jerome Alexander Lipstick – Color 4 – A cute Hot Pink shade , Hard Candy Eye Shadow Kit, Diva Couture Nail Art Pen

fashion, flea market, shop, earrings, naturally stellar, mountain top, alabama

Check out this leather bracelet my mom had custom made for only $6!  I put it on my wrist to show you the thickness.   You pick the leather piece, the button finish & whatever you want embossed & they cut your leather, then make it within a few minutes.

fashion, flea market, shop, earrings, naturally stellar, mountain top, alabama, leather


This man’s nails were grossing me out Yuck! But he’s got skills.

Altogether I only spent less than 10 bucks for all of my stuff

I think I’m gonna get a bracelet made next week when we hit up the Collinsville Flea Market, but I’d rather have designs on mine.

Until next time Stars…Happy Shopping!

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  1. Lynn

    U got some great items… U NEVER know what u will find at the Flea Market! I love going even if its just to scroll through! 🙂

  2. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

    I love seeing what unique finds I can score at flea markets! I’m not buying a live chicken in a fruit bag, but in terms of clothing, accessories and house related merchandise you can get some really good deals and one of a kind pieces.


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