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*Product Review Disclaimer* The products in this post were given to Naturally Stellar by Body Be Silk in consideration for a product review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own & honest. I love to try before you buy so you can be well-informed before spending your hard-earned cash – The products may be sponsored but my opinion – NEVER!

Body Be Silk is an Organic Bath & Body product company out of Lawrenceville’ GA who specializes in luxurious & pampering skincare that is both Natural & Eco Friendly.

I was approached by the owner, several months ago to try & review some of the Body Be Silk product line.  Although this feature is long overdue, I tried & tested their Southern Sweet Lemonade Body Scrub, Lemon Spritz Lip Kit & a few of their Scrub/Butter samples over a period of a few months so I could fill you in on how they performed over an actual usage period (in this case-until the bottles were empty). It took a little while but here we go!

Body Be Silk – Southern Sweet Lemonade Body Scrub


I would compare this body scrub to other high-end scrubs used in professional nail salons & derma spas.  It definitely isn’t your everyday scrub.  It has a great mixture of medium & large granule sugars in it.  There’s a nice balance between oil & sugar too so this wont dry out quickly if you tend to hold onto bath products for long periods like I do.  It’s loaded with a lot of fantastic natural & organic ingredients like Lemon Peel Powder, Thyme & sweet-smelling oils to pamper your skin & your senses. Oh and the smell is ah-mazing!


For me, the scrub worked best during bath time, when I got a chance to actually relax & soak for a while. It always left my skin smooth, supple & smelling wonderful.  It also worked perfectly for at-home pedicures or simple foot soaks.

To use as a soak, just drop a few scoopfulls into a nice foot tub or basin.

Even if I didn’t use this on my body, I could sniff the jar all day.  It smells so fresh & lemony. Reminds me a lot of Lemonhead’s candy 🙂

Body Be Silk’s –  Sweet Southern Lemonade Body Scrub retails for $40.00

For great Quality, an awesome Scent & Skin Loving Goodness, I give this body scrub a much-deserved A+

The Lemon Spritz Lip Kit


Body Be Silk’s Lemon Spritz Lip Kit – is a 3 part system. For me, this worked best either fresh out of the shower or immediately after washing my face. The shower steam coupled with the exfoliation, really gave me much better results than if I just used the steps alone.

  • Step 1 is the Lip Scrub.  It’s a sugar exfoliant so don’t be afraid if a little gets into your mouth. Yum!
  • Step 2 is  the Lip Rub – Which is a very light lip balm aimed at holding in moisture & keeping them moisturized.
  • Step 3 is the Lip Hug – It’s also a light balm that is to be used overnight for moisture & protection.
Unfortunately, this kit didn’t really win me over.  But Wait! Let me tell you why. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of the products.  In fact, I’m impressed with the ingredient lists & the performance. It’s just that I’m partial to making my own lip scrub at home with simple kitchen ingredients (Honey & Sugar) and using my good ole Burts Bees Lip Balm to keep my lips in tip-top shape.  Altogether, this costs me next to nothing.  I just can’t see the value in buying a product for something I can easily do myself.
But for those of you that don’t have a lip routine or may suffer from lip dryness , this may work for you.  It’s definitely something that would make a cool gift for the girl who has everything.  Hey, I betcha she doesn’t have a Lip Kit!
The Lemon Spritz Lip Kit sells for $30.00
Because I know that I wouldn’t purchase this product for myself. I’m judging this solely on its effectiveness, quality,  ease of use & smell.  Based on these 4 criteria, I give the Lemon Spritz Lip Kit a B+

Body Samples

I also received some other body product samples to try.  I received their Lavender Body Scrub, Honey & Grain Body Paste & Lemon Body Butter.

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sample scrubs

OMG! the Honey & Grain Body Paste smells like dessert!  You basically use it just like a body scrub. It’s full of large grains & light oils, perfect for pedi’s.  This is available on the Body Be Silk website for $40.00 and comes in, I believe, an 8 oz. jar. This one, I give a strong B

The Lavender Flower Body Scrub is a fine-grained scrub with crushed Lavender flowers suspended throughout. It has a really light & fresh fragrance.  Because of the fine grains, I was able to use this on my hands and it worked great.  I’d recommend this one for all over body use, and especially for your next manicure. This product is also $40.00 for a nice sized jar.  For this, Body Be Silk, you get Two Manicured Thumbs up and an A!

My favorite of the group has to be the Lemon body butter. The smell is amazing and it didn’t leave me with a heavy greasy feel. I used this mostly on my elbows, knees & feet for some added moisture and a little shine.  My legs have been looking great all summer thanks to this.  For some reason,  I can’t seem to find this butter on their website, but I can attest to it’s skin-loving goodness. This butter deserves an A+ If you can get your hands on some 😉

Overall, I really enjoyed trying these products.  The packaging on everything is really great. I’m really impressed with how much thought was given to making sure all of it is recyclable and environmentally safe.  It also looks great and helps with AS IS gift giving.  Because the boxes are so neatly packaged, all you have to do is just slap on a bow and you’re good to go.

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** Stellar Deal Alert **

To all of my readers, Body Be Silk would like to offer you a FREE sample box of scrubs with your next purchase – when you place your order, just send them a quick email with your name/order details & let them know you read this review on Naturally Stellar to receive a complimentary sample box of scrubs with your order. Email:

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