*Product Review Disclaimer*  The products in this post were gifted to Naturally Stellar by the Pink Panel courtesy of BrandBacker.com.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own & honest.  – The products may be sponsored but my opinion – NEVER!

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Here’s what I received in my first package of free beauty products from the Pink Panel. 

    • 1 Full Sized Blue Flame #305 Nailtini Nail Lacquer
    • 1 Mini Grenadine Nailtini Nail Lacquer
    • 1 Full Sized Tube of Bioelements RayDefense Sunscreen Moisturizer


The Nailtini Nail Lacquers I received are awesome. I decided to do a quick mani to show you how these look on natural nails.

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Nailtini for the Pink Panel. Mini Grenadine & Blue Flame #305

Blue Flame #305 is a nice cream colored pearlescent lacquer that has a light blue shimmer when dry.  The consistency is thin and it dries quickly. It’s really pretty & simple.  One of the things I noticed about these polishes are the length of the brush bristles. They’re long, which allows nice even strokes & a smooth finish. Because of this, there is very little cleanup needed.  I love that!Nailtini, Nail Lacquer, Nail Polish, Beauty, Review, Cosmetics, Naturally Stellar, Brandbacker

Mini Grenadine is the bomb! It’s a really pretty fuschia polish. A little thicker consistency than Blue Flame. It’s highly pigmented with loads of shine.  Just like Blue Flame, it dries pretty quickly & smoothly.  Because the brush bristles are so long, it’s perfect for creating straight lines, so I just opted for some simple line accents right down the middle of my nails.

I did my nails 5 days ago and they are holding up perfectly. No chipping or fading at the tips.  Plus, I forgot to do my topcoat this time and the polish is still holding up beautifully on it’s own.  Now that’s a good polish!

I am really impressed with the quality of these lacquers.  Thank goodness for the Pink Panel because I hadn’t heard of Nailtini before joining.

I’m in love with these polishes and can’t wait to try some of their other colors.  I also love the concept of naming each Nailtini polish after a cocktail and how they allow you to mix your own Nailtini “cocktails” on their website.  I’ve never tried a custom polish before, so mixing my own should be a lot of fun.

I’m going to have to give these Nailtini Polishes a much deserved A.

Nailtini Nail Lacquers - The Pink Panel | Naturally Stellar

You can find more info about Nailtini & Liptini Cocktail Beauty products here: http://www.tinibeauty.com/

Tini Beauty Facebook Page

Tini Beauty on Twitter


Bioelements RayDefense SPF 30 Moisturizer is a professional grade cream moisturizer & Sunscreen.  I’ve been using this for a few days now in 90 degree sunny weather.   Although the cream is a little thick, it goes on easily with no heavy or greasy feel.  In fact, it gives my skin a nice soft & silky feel.

Bioelements for The Pink Panel | Naturally Stellar

I’m not really a fan of the fragrance in this moisturizer as much.  It’s not bad. I just prefer a nice soft feminine scent, especially since I like to wear a little perfume at times.  I don’t like my fragrances to clash.

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Also, keep in mind that this isn’t waterproof. So if you plan on going into water you’ll need to apply a water-resistant sunscreen in addition to this.

Overall, this is a great moisturizer & sunscreen that provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays.  I do prefer this over some of the spray sunscreen moisturizers that I normally use for me & my son’s summer skin.

Beauty, Cosmetics, Bioelements, Review, Sunscreen, Naturally Stellar, the Pink Panel, Brand Backer, Blogger, Products, Moisturizer, SPF 30

I give Bioelements RayDefense SPF 30 Sunscreen a B+

Find more info about BioElements Professional Skin Care products here: http://www.bioelements.com/

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