Frugal Friday: Another Dollar Tree Fashion/Beauty Haul

It’s Frugal Friday again!!!

 This week I was able to grab some great Beauty AND Fashion finds.   I can hear some of you asking…Fashion at Dollar Tree?!  Why Yes!  😀 But first, for those of you that don’t venture into your local Dollar Tree or may not have one in your area, here’s a glance at some of the beauty aisle & the types of products they normally carry.

Nails, Beauty, Frugal, nail Polish, Beauty aisle, Dollar Tree

Nails, Beauty, Frugal, nail Polish, Beauty aisle, Dollar Tree

Each store is different and stocks different items, so what you may not see in 1 store is likely found in another.  Dollar Tree has so much great stuff, but you really have to be careful because you can get carried away in there.  That’s how they get you.  They have you thinking…Oh it’s only $1, but just as you make your way to the register is when you realize you’ve been suckered LOL!!  You look into your basket and notice the 100 items you just grabbed, so you quickly sort through your bin and pull out the 1.) I don’t really need this items 2.) Then you move on to the I don’t really need this until later items 3.) Then finally you weed out the I don’t really need this today items and move on to check out. 🙂 (At least that’s how I do it – that’s my method).

Nails, Beauty, Frugal, nail Polish, Beauty aisle, Dollar Tree

I tend to visit 2 different stores in my area, so that I get more variety to choose from.  Plus since I tend to stop at Dollar Tree a couple of times per week , I don’t always pick up everything at once.  Today was a good day because I was able to score some Sally Hansen Insta Dry Polish!   Let me show you what else I found.

Nails, Beauty, Frugal, nail Polish, Beauty aisle, Dollar Tree


Sally Hansen, Nails, Insta Dry, Dollar Tree, Naturally Stellar
Love Me Some Sally Hansen! Neon’s are perfect for Spring!

Of course I had to grab some Sally Hansen Insta Dry. This color. So Dope.     Next, I found these L.A. Colors Lip Gloss/Lip Stick Duos in some GREAT colors. I can’t wait to try these!!

Lip Duo, L.A. Colors, Dollar Tree, Naturally Stellar
Have You Seen These?


This has to be IMO the most valuable item I scored.   I don’t know what keeps happening to my bra straps on my convertible bras.  I think those things must have had a secret meeting in my underwear drawer and all decided to play hide n seek somewhere in my room, because I always end up with 1 freaking strap with no match.  Sooo….these puppies are going to come in handy AND there’s 2 pair in the box!

Fashion, Dollar Tree, Dollar, Frugal Friday, Naturally Stellar

The box says they’re adjustable, lightweight, comfortable (well I’ll be the judge of that!) and work with any bra with removable straps.

Fashion, Socks, Dollar Tree, naturally stellar, haul, frugal, fridayNext I bought 3 pairs of ankle socks.  I know the packaging says these are kids size 6-8 but I wear a women’s 7 1/2 and they actually fit me quite well.  Anyway it’s socks for a buck. I’m not expecting Hanes comfort, but as long as they keep my toes warm who cares. It’s socks.

Hair Goodies

Then, I found this 2 pack of Spin Pins.  I’ve been wanting to try these but never wanted to pay the $5.99

Hair, Frugal Friday, Dollar Tree, Naturally Stellar, haul, Beauty

I’d seen at Walmart.  I’m a clearance kind of girl when it comes to hair goodies.  Since I never saw any on sale I just sort of gave up on them. But when I saw these in the hair aisle the other day I think I said an Oh Snap!! or two.   I doubt these will work on my kinky hair right now, but once I flat-iron or get an infamous Dominican blow out I’ll try them on a low bun.

I love these elastic bands too. They come in handy on ponytail days or whenever I feel like trying hair banding (for stretching my curls after washing).  These are especially great because they are the tangle free ones. There’s no metal holding the band together, so no opportunity for snagging, plus you get 3 free mini bands.

So that’s It!  My little Mini Haul…and as you can see it all only cost me $8 plus tax.  Pretty good huh?!

Other notable items I saw

  • Breast Petals
  • Lingerie/Dress Tape
  • Fetish Nail Polishes
  • L.A. Colors Story Book Eyeshadow Collection for Smokey Eye. Gel Liner, Nail Polishes, Eye Shadow Kits
  • Milani Eyeshadows, Thick Eye Shadow Pencil Duos, Bronzer Foundation
  • E.L.F. Eye Pencils with Sharpeners
  • Revlon Eye Shadow Pencil Duos with Sharpeners

Did you find any frugal treasures at your Dollar Store this week?    Maybe somewhere else?

    I bought two pairs of the glamourlines breast petals early last spring! Tucked them away and forgot about them until late summer. I absolutely LOVE THEM!! They only last the onr time, but when I used them they didn’t budge! I’ve tried to find them everywhere and until seeing your dollar tree bargains did I remember I DID get them there!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH FOR JOGGING MEMORY!!! I’ll be going there tomorrow!!

  2. I need to find a pack of those glamourlines. You can always find great things at Dollar Tree. I’ve even found some Loreal HIP foundation there and I love that stuff

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