Wow, you learn something new everyday.  On my most recent trip to Dollar Tree to pick up a few things, I ventured down the beauty aisle and look what I found.

Dollar Tree, Sinful Colors, Nail Polish, Polish, Athens, 1113I don’t know what planet I’ve been on, but I did not know Dollar Tree carried Sinful Colors, and in the packaging LOL!!  I’m so used to the Walmart & Target aisles with loose bottles of polish in the displays.  Target is my normal Go-To because their beauty aisle is always neat & organized. I rarely buy polishes at Walmart anymore because I have to contend with people who love opening the bottles and spreading their magnificent artwork all over the displays. I mean you can’t even read the prices, colors or brand names. Then the polishes are all mixed up. Come on Son! SMH

This lovely color is sort of a mossy green called Athens 1113.  The pic is a pretty accurate capture of the color too.


See What I Mean? YUCK!

Walmart Polish Display. See What I Mean? YUCK!

LA colors, base, top, coat, dollar tree, nails, nail polish

I also picked up this L. A. Colors – Top/Base Coat.   I hope this isn’t going to be a buyer’s remorse kind of thing, because I haven’t tried it yet. The consistency of it is really thin, not like most top coats I’m used to using.  I’m gonna have to test it out on 1 nail because I will be quite pissed if I mess up a good mani because of a wack top coat.


Then I found this beauty. My blogger buddy Curls and Mo wrote a blog post that showed a pic of a similar massager.  Side Note: There’s a lot of evidence out there that suggests that regular scalp massages can help boost your circulation, which in turn leads to more hair growth. So this is something that may be great for hair loss sufferers, or for those with slow growth cycles. After reading her post, I kept saying for the longest that I was gonna cop one of these for myself, but never got around to it. You’ve gotta try this, it is so relaxing!  I don’t know what it is about them, but I just love scalp massages.  This tool is something you can handle on your own or have a nice buddy do it for you. This thing glides through my kinky/coily hair without a problem and feels OH SO GOOD.

Dollar Tree Head Massager

Dollar Tree Nail StickersI found these next 2 items a few months ago but forgot to post about them so I’m throwing them in.  As far as I know, they still have these.  So next up are these cute Black & Pale Yellow Nail Strips by Deena Michelle.  According to one of my Twitter buddies @Cheapalicious, she tweeted me and said the nail strips are crap HAA HAA!! 😀 and don’t last very long at all.   But I figured for $1, all I need them to do is last for whatever occasion I may need them for.   I’m not really expecting Stellar quality.

Revlon, Dollar Tree, Pedicure, Foot, File, Set

Fully Assembled

Fully Assembled

Revlon, Foot File, Dollar Tree, Naturally Stellar

Handle & File Assembled with the Brush Detached

My last find of the post, is this cute Revlon Pedi Brush/File Set. It comes with a soft cuticle pusher, foot file, foot brush & holder.  My feet are in love with this thing.  It’s similar to the Ped-Egg but the surface of the file IMO is gentler.  My feet feel so super soft after using this in the tub.  Although I haven’t taken the time out to give myself a proper pedicure in quite some time, my feet are looking pretty darn good since I bought this.

I don’t care what anybody says, the Dollar Tree has some really great beauty finds!

Have you found any great beauty items at your local Dollar Tree lately?

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