May 18th, 2013 is International Natural Hair Meetup Day.  The day is fast approaching, so be sure to check out what’s going down in YOUR CITY!

What It’s All About

The International Natural Hair Meetup Day is an annual one-day event. Its purpose is to allow the opportunity for women across the country to meet in their own communities while networking, sharing and meeting (virtually) other women across the country participating in meetups on the same day. Natural hair meetups are events designed to share information, techniques, inspiration and products to aid individuals in their natural hair journey.

Attendees of the natural hair meetup will be able to:

  • Meet other naturals in their area
  • Gain exposure to natural hair product lines and companies
  • Learn the process of planning and executing a natural hair meetup (event hosts)
  • Meet natural hair and beauty bloggers and Youtube vloggers
  • Network with other natural hair meetup organizers (event hosts)
  • Discover resources, techniques, products and people who can serve as inspiration and information for the natural hair care journey

For more information please visit:

For North Carolina Scheduled Events: NC Natural Hair Meetup Day 2013

For all other areas/cities:


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  • International Natural Hair Meetup Day (
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5 Responses

  1. Alisha (@Coily_Locks)

    My goal for the previous 3 months was to host the event in Nashville. But then I found out about another group doing an event exactly 1 week prior. Ugh! So now nada going on here but I will be participating in the one the week before. I still have no clue why they didn’t want to hold it on the 18th??? Anywho hope you are able to attend one in your area!

    • Naturally Stellar

      Yeah the one in my area is sold out, but there’s another one in Greensboro on that date about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs away. Decisions, Decisions. My only issue will be finding a babysitter to attend the one in Greensboro.

      Well when I get there, you’ll have a buddy to help you with hosting events. That would have been great for you!

      I got a feeling the same issue may have happened in Philly too because they don’t have an event scheduled either.

      Girl in Raleigh this weekend they have a natural Girls Night Out event going on Friday, Nu Soul Natural Hair Show going on Saturday. At the same time Sat.- the Neo Natural Convention is going on in Greensboro. There’s so many naturals out there, people will show up regardless even if there are events back to back.

  2. bequoted

    My cousin would love an event like this. I’m not so great with crowds, but she thrives on it. Visiting from BLM. Andrea @

    • Naturally Stellar

      Hey Andrea! The cool thing about the meetups is that they are really small compared to the hair shows & conventions. It’s more intimate. Be sure to share it with your cousin though. Thanks for checkin out my little blog miss BLM Girl. Now I’m about to hop on over and read your bridesmaid post.


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