DIY Nail Polish Strips

Ok so if you loved the DIY Shellac Video I found yesterday, then I’m sure you’re gonna love this tutorial showing you how to make your own DIY nail polish strips.

DIY Nail Polish Strips | Naturally Stellar

I am SO doing this one….AND I’m gonna make my own cheapy dotting tool out of a pencil & sewing pin.  This video is from Janelle Estep, I found her on YouTube.  I like her because she makes some pretty whimsical & fun nail designs, plus her videos are straight to the point, so check out some of her other ones if you get a chance.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve been off my nail game for a bit because I’ve fallen victim to nail biting again, so my nails are in a pitiful state right now.   I have since dusted myself off and am trying again.  In the meantime… while I’m nursing them back to life, I will be trying these DIY nail polish strips.

What do you think?  

Would You Attempt This Tutorial?


  1. Have you try this method for nail strips? Any tips for creating them the right shape for a full finger nail? Maybe tracing Color Street nails?

    1. So, I actually attempted this years ago. They weren’t perfect. But it’s fun. You can use the backing from a nail polish strip as a “stencil” to create your shape for a full nail.

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