6 Years Natural – I was growing out my natural texture from my last horrible Salon Relaxer experience. Back then, there weren’t many Salons or websites dedicated to natural African-American hair.

Where I was 6 Years Into My Natural Hair Journey back in 2001

2001, 6 years into my Natural Hair Journey

Naturally Stellar 6 Years Natural -  Throwback 2001.  If there were salons that claimed they could style or straighten natural hair….They were liars!!   When it came to growing out natural tresses, Everything was pretty much…“You’re on your own Chick!” ;D   But I did great!  I kept my regimen simple. Didn’t really care much about Silicones, Parabens or Mineral Oil back then. Had no idea what EDTA or BHT was.  I didn’t use hair butters or heavy gels. My curls were light and flowy.  I sure do miss my texture.

I just did what my hair liked.  I washed it every few days, did Weekly Deep Conditioning, trimmed my ends and moisturized with plain old Water, Oils & Good Ol’ 911 Emergency Liquid…I don’t think they sell that anymore but it worked WONDERS for me.  It was a Polyquaternium mixture, A Leave-in that I used to mix with oil and water in a spray bottle and just mist my hair.  Worked especially great as a braid mist.    If anyone can tell me where I can buy the Original 911 emergency liquid leave in….I’ll be forever indebted.

6 Years Natural

2014 Update – I found this to replace my 911 emergency AND it contains some additional/more healthy ingredients.

6 Years Natural

Over the years since this pic…My hair has gone through many changes.  I stayed natural but I did too much experimenting with new products, heavy/weighty butters, lots of haircuts, breakage, shedding,  I went through my Baka Beautiful Phase of using their Clay treatments on my hair.   Oh snap!!  I just noticed that this pic is not too long after using a Naturalaxer LOL!!!  for all of you that were going natural back then…you probably have heard of Naturalaxer created by Angela De Joseph.  It was basically a texturizer and it left me with straight pieces on my ends that took some time to grow & snip off.  Everybody had a so-called “Natural” product to tame our dense kinks & coils. Curse you Naturalaxer!!!   Natural my A$$.

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It seemed like the simpler I kept it, the more my hair flourished….So this pic really inspired me today.    I’m determined to take much better care of my hair and take it back to the simpler life.  Last week, I mixed up some Pure Glycerin/Oil and a little water and have been using it as a moisturizer and my hair has thanked me for it…handsomely.  I’m gonna start back buying my Motions Conditioner as well & using more of my homemade deep conditioning treatments.

After using my glycerin mix, it’s like my hair has new life.  It stopped shedding. It has just the right amount of elasticity and strength everyday.  My ends never feel dry. The moisture is amazing.  It’s soft, I can see my curls without having to manipulate my strands at all.   I’m loving it!   I was seriously contemplating a Big Chop for the first time in my Natural Journey, but have since changed my mind.   I can do this!  I can get my hair back into tip-top shape.  I just have to be MUCH more attentive and patient with it.

Thanks for checking out my throwback pic.    See…we really can inspire ourselves 🙂  Until next time Stars!  Peace & No Hair Grease!



What do your throwback pics inspire you to do?

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Throwback Thursday: 6 Years Natural...Young & Carefree
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Throwback Thursday: 6 Years Natural...Young & Carefree
My throwback pic from 2001, 6 Years Natural and what I was doing with my hair that still inspires me today. It's nice to remind myself of how far I've come in my Natural Hair Journey. | Naturally Stellar

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  1. Afrophire

    Love this post! I laughed out loud at “Curse you Naturalaxer”… too funny. My throwback photos make me want to Big Chop again. I love short hair, but I have come so far with my natural hair that I am hesitant to cut it right now. I wanted to ask what is the recipe for the glycerin, oil, and water mix that you use?

    • Naturally Stellar

      Thank you. Basically I didn’t measure. I just found a small container (maybe about 1 cup) and put in half glycerin, maybe about 2 teaspoons of water & enough oil to my liking (I used grapeseed/olive oil) then put a lid on it and shook it up. After my hair is fully washed & conditioned, this has been my leave in moisturizer and It really is amazing. It has the consistency of a curl activator but honestly I only have to use this a few times out of the week. I can rock an afro all day and my ends never feel dry or brittle. The moisture really lasts.


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