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CEO Dani Lydia has launched her brand new box service that aims to focus on providing natural health, body & hair care products from small & mid-sized companies.  She calls it a Lifestyle box.

With a sea of other subscription boxes on the market and new boxes popping up all over the place, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are worth the effort & money.  There has been a lot of positive media regarding box services and some not so nice customer complaints found all over social media from customers of some of these boxes.

Well,  a few months ago, I was on Twitter and came across a tweet from Overnight Natural. After further investigating I discovered it was a new beauty box service, that hadn’t launched yet.  I reached out to the owner to see if I could get an insider view on what would be inside this natural newbie and requested to give it an honest review once it launched.   So I’m honored to be one of the first bloggers to review this for you all.

This particular box is geared toward Naturalistas (both new naturals & natural vets). Some of what you can expect to see in the Overnight Natural boxes are natural, paraben-free, vegan & organic offerings coupled with helpful styling aids, beauty products & even jewelry.  You receive sample sizes & full size products as well, all for $24.99

What set’s this box apart is that with Overnight Natural’s, you have to purchase your box each month during the ordering window, there’s no subscription, which means you won’t be auto-billed each month. This gives you the freedom to choose which months to purchase.

I want to let you in on what was featured in the January Box as well as provide my two cents on this service as a whole.  So here we go!

Overnight Natural January Box

Overnight Natural January Box

Full Size Yes to Tomatoes was in the shipping box! This normally retails for around $9 at Target.

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Overnight Natural January Box Unveil.

I’m gonna try this for my next co-wash!

Now let’s see what’s inside the purple box…

Overnight Natural January Box Unveil.

Awww A note for me?! I love it when people personalize, makes me feel special 🙂

Yes, my first name is Candice…Not actually Stellar 😀

Overnight Natural January Box Unveil.

Overnight Natural January Box

Are those Curlformer’s in there? Oh snap!

I don’t think these are the real Curlformers, but they still got me excited nonetheless.

Overnight Natural January Box

What you get:

  • Detangling Comb
  • Yes to Cucumber Facial Towlettes
  • Bake Shop Butters – Sunrise Cupcake – Body Butter Sample
  • Just Pure Minerals – Plum Lip Gloss Sample
  • Pink Dandy – Naturally Clean Soap Bar Sample – Margarita Lime
Close Up - Pink Dandy Margarita Lime Soap Bar Sample...It's a nice size too.

Close Up – Pink Dandy Margarita Lime Soap Bar Sample…It’s a nice size too.

Overnight Natural January Box

  • The Pomade Shop – Sweet Simplicity Styler
  • Life Organics 1/2 oz. – Hair Souffle
  • B.O.S.S. Natural Shampoo Bar Sample 1 oz. – Beer, Avocado & Tea Tree


There are 18 Hair Curlers & 1 tool included in this box….If these work as well as the Curlformer’s do, this & the Yes to Tomatoes conditioner would almost cover the cost of this whole box.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with this box.  I’m impressed with the customer service I’ve received from the owner from the very beginning.  I have to say that I think she’s really on to something with this.  There truly is something about this one, that as an entrepreneur, naturalista & product junkie (in recovery),  I can see succeeding through the vast pile of other boxes.  If each month improves on the last & customer service continues to excel, Overnight Natural is gonna give Curlkit & Curlbox a run for their money…and likely could surpass them from what social media is revealing.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been one of those poor people who have fallen victim to subscribing to beauty boxes or services, with crappy products.  I haven’t had the bad customer service experiences or the credit card processing issues other’s have faced.   As with anything else that I spend my hard-earned money on, I like to make wise & informed decisions about the products that I purchase.  I’m not easily swayed or convinced to follow the newest trends.

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Now the question is, would I spend $25 on this box?  Honestly, Yes I would.  Maybe not every month, because I’m really trying to cut down on the amount of money I spend on my products as a whole, but I definitely would purchase a handful of these boxes this year.  I feel that the value & introduction to companies that I otherwise would not have known about or even tried on my own, makes it worthwhile.   Good job Dani & much success to you & Overnight Natural!

You get an A+!

Once I officially try all of the products in this box, I’ll be posting about my experiences.   I have braids in my hair right now, so I can’t try out the hair rollers right away, but I have been using pretty much everything else in here and will be giving you the lowdown very soon.

If you have any questions about something in the box, just let me know. You can check out the Overnight Natural website at https://boxes.hellosubscription.com/subscription-box/overnight-natural/  As always Stars, keep shining!

-Naturally Stellar

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